Facebook Is Giving Its Users Several Tricks (and Treats) for Halloween

Halloween was one of the top 10 holidays for 2016 in terms of Facebook posts, so the social network is releasing a pumpkin patch full of new features for Halloween 2017.

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The Digital Storefront: Advertising’s Next Frontier

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Facebook Messenger Now Supports Peer-to-Peer Payments via PayPal

PayPal users can now send money to or request money from their friends directly via Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Is Testing a Pinterest-Like Feature Called Sets

Facebook took a break from imitating Snapchat and LinkedIn to imitate Pinterest.

Twitter Just Released a Schedule for All of Its Promised Safety Updates

Twitter promised a host of safety updates earlier this week, and now there are dates attached to those updates.

Attracting Influencers Is About Giving Them What They Want

By creating something inspirational.

A Marketer’s Guide to Selling on LinkedIn With Few or No Ads

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