Mark Zuckerberg Wants Facebook to ‘Bring the World Closer Together’

Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg used the social network’s first-ever Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago to reveal the social network’s new mission—“bring the world closer together”—as well as new tools for group administrators to help them do just that.

Facebook: Here’s How to Leave a Group

Has someone ever added you to a Facebook group you had no interest in? Did you know you can leave Facebook groups at any time?

The 2017 Arab Championship Soccer Tournament Will Be Livestreamed on Twitter

The 2017 Arab Championship soccer tournament will be livestreamed on Twitter following an agreement between the social network and sports marketing company Sela Sport.

The Key to Social Success for Airlines: Be More Human

Opinion: While negative incidents often go viral on social media and dominate the conversation, it’s easy to forget the many examples of positive engagement that airline brands receive from customers every day on social media.

Facebook Is Testing an Optional Profile Picture Guard in India

Users in India spoke, and Facebook listened: The social network is testing tools in India to give users more control over how their profile pictures can be downloaded and shared.

Publishers and Developers on Facebook Audience Network Have a Checklist of Tasks Due Nov. 1

Facebook announced a series of updates that publishers and developers delivering ads via its Facebook Audience Network must implement by Nov. 1.

LinkedIn Users: Professional Networking Is Important, But …

A recent survey by LinkedIn found that its members’ attitudes toward professional networking and their actions don’t always mesh.

Twitter Enters the Octagon With SB Nation’s The MMA Hour

Vox Media announced Wednesday that weekly live show The MMA Hour from SB Nation will begin livestreaming on Twitter June 26.

Periscope Creators Can Now Cash In When Users Award Them Super Hearts

Periscope Wednesday announced the launch of Super Hearts, a way for creators of livestreams on the Twitter-owned app to monetize those videos and for fans to lend their voices to the process.

Snap Map Is Snapchat’s New Way of Alerting Users to Locations of Friends, Events

The Snap Map is driven by Actionmojis, a new type of Bitmoji, and Snapchat users who open their iOS or Android applications following Wednesday’s update will see an onboarding flow detailing how Snap Map works.