Twitter for Apple TV Now Supports Live 360-Degree Videos

Twitter for Apple TV became that platform’s first application to support live 360-degree video following an update Wednesday.

Facebook Just Tweaked Its Trending Feature Again and Announced a Test in News Feed

Facebook announced a redesign of the results page for its Trending feature, as well as a test in its mobile News Feed.

Small Businesses Are Missing the Boat on Social

One of the biggest concerns by small businesses is using digital strategy to drive—and track—in-store sales.

Facebook: Here’s How to Stop Non-Friends From Following You

Did you know Facebook allows users to follow others and view their public posts without being their friends?

Facebook’s Personal Fundraisers Feature Is Out of Beta

The Personal Fundraisers feature Facebook introduced in beta in late March is now out of beta, meaning that all U.S. users 18 and older can try their hands at raising money via the social network.

3 Facebook Advertising Mistakes Experienced Advertisers Must Avoid

Opinion: I find that advertisers—even experienced ones spending significant budgets on Facebook—lose opportunities by committing fairly common mistakes in their campaigns.

Pinterest Is Introducing Auto-Play Promoted Video in Its Feed and Search Results

Pinterest’s Promoted Video ad units, introduced last August, are going auto-play.

Facebook’s Monika Bickert Addresses Community Standards, Content Moderation Issues

Facebook head of global policy management Monika Bickert sought to provide some clarity on the social network’s community standards and moderation of potentially inflammatory or hurtful content with a long, detailed Newsroom post.

Instagram Is Testing a Way for Users to Keep Posts to Themselves Without Deleting Them

Instagram confirmed that it is testing a feature that allows users to archive photos and videos they have deleted from their accounts, rather than wiping them out permanently.

Twitter Just Created a New Position: Global Head of Live Business

ESC Games CEO Todd Swidler is Twitter’s new global head of live business, a new position focused on the business side of the social network’s livestreaming partnerships.