Facebook Added Three More Suggestions From M to Messenger and Launched the Feature in Spain

“M” stands for “more,” as Facebook Messenger’s artificial intelligence-powered personal assistant is now capable of more tasks.

Instagram’s New Native Advertising Feature: A Necessary Step Toward Transparency

Opinion: Native Instagram posts—those paid for by brands but posted by influencers—are about to look a bit different, and that’s a good thing.

Nielsen Social Content Ratings, Week of June 19: 2017 BET Awards in a Landslide

The 2017 BET Awards dominated the week of June 19 in the Nielsen Social Content Ratings, totaling 10.497 million interactions across Facebook and Twitter while no other TV series, special or sports event broke 1 million.

YouTube Unveiled YouTube Studio (Beta) at VidCon

YouTube didn’t forget about its creators during its series of announcements at VidCon.

4 Internet Giants Formed the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism

Facebook, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube are joining forces.

Uptime, the Google App That Lets Users Watch YouTube Videos Together, Is Now Open to All

Uptime, the invite-only iOS application Google’s Area 120 startup incubator launched in March to enable users to share and watch YouTube videos in real-time with each other, is no longer invite-only.

Instagram Is Testing a Way for Users to Share Posts, Stories With Their ‘Favorites’

Instagram is testing a Favorites feature, which allows users to designate a group of friends to share posts and Stories with.

Facebook Messenger Just Added Four New Features for Video Chats

Facebook Messenger ushered in the new week by announcing four new features Monday morning.

Facebook, Twitter Let Users Celebrate 20th Anniversary of Harry Potter

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Harry Potter series, Facebook and Twitter are letting users share their love of the franchise in special ways.

LinkedIn President of China Derek Shen Steps Down

LinkedIn president of China Derek Shen has left the professional network.