Social Presence Goes Beyond the Screen

Consumer conversations online boost conversions and brand loyalty offline.

The Next Opportunity for Data-Driven Audience Scale in Paid Social

While the native targeting capabilities of the leading social platforms, derived from the first-party data of its users, are compelling when applied properly, many marketers have interpreted this too literally and have focused their paid social activation efforts on audience targets that are too narrow and, therefore, have much lower match rates, so campaigns are falling short of targets.

Facebook Introduces New Suicide Prevention Tools

As part of this update, Facebook's suicide prevention tools have been integrated into Facebook Live.

Twitter Introduces New Notifications Filters, More

Users can now turn on three new notifications filters, which will mute notifications from accounts without a profile picture, or without a verified email address or phone number.

A Modern Guide to Social Media Content Marketing, Part 3: LinkedIn

This is the third installment in a five-part series of articles focusing on best practices to up your content marketing game on the “big four” platforms: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Catch up on the first and second installments here, and stay tuned for future installments. Share your own favorite tips in the comments—we’d love to hear from you.

Vulture is Coming to Snapchat’s Discover Platform

The Discover platform allows users to browse content from a variety of popular media companies.

Report: Every Generation is the Facebook Generation

Gen X and Baby Boomers use Facebook more than Millennials, but everyone uses Facebook more than any other social network.

How B-to-B Companies Can Generate Leads via Facebook Ads (Infographic)

Endorsement-driven advertising network Adlove shared its strategy for business-to-business companies to generate leads via Facebook ads, in infographic form.

Periscope Introduces Closed Groups, Group Invites

Periscope users can now create closed groups, in which the creator is the only user who can add or remove members, or change the group's title.

Why Your Brand Needs Multiple CPA Targets

Your customers are not all worth the same: Stop acquiring them all for the same price.