Gary Payton Has His Own Trash-Talking Chatbot for the NBA Finals

The NBA legend's first chatbot provides NBA finals commentary and fashion promotions sponsored by DXL.

Facebook Says Users Turn to the Platform During Commercial Breaks When They’re Watching TV

The company pointed to mobile useage as evidence of how people turn their attention away from their televisions during breaks.

For Apple’s First Series, Planet of the Apps, the Company Imitates, Not Innovates

Planet of the Apps falls flat with its A-list panel.

This Gen Z-Focused Publisher Only Uses Social Platforms (10 of Them) and Doesn’t Even Have a Website

Lifestyle publisher Obsessee is ahead of the social media platform learning curve.

Google Is Getting Ready to Make Changes to Chrome That Could Block Bothersome Ads

And it's helping advertisers prepare for the shift, which will happen in early 2018.

On National Donut Day, Dunkin’ Donuts Will Sponsor the First Branded Face Filter on Kik

Dunkin' Donuts has big social media plans for tomorrow.

These BuzzFeed Videos Are Unexpectedly Impacting Local Businesses Around the World

The two shows, which feature good food and unique experiences, have impacted local businesses in a positive way.

Twitter Adds New Features as It Experiments With Sponsored Live Video

Twitter is experimenting with new ways to get people to tune in to live video.

As Ad Fraud Seems to Be on the Decline, Airbnb and Pepsi Say They’re Seeing Less of It

Brands are partnering with more measurement firms and major tech companies to fight ad fraud.

Kik Is Developing a Cryptocurrency to Democratize the Digital World and Boost Engagement

Kik is creating a cryptocurrency called Kin, which could boost user engagement and help developers create more profitable businesses.