What is Talon News?

After devoting hundreds of words in recent days to criticizing Talon News, Media Matters has decided to back up a little bit. They’re not exactly withdrawing their criticism; no, they […]

More About That Logo (yes, that one)

I don’t think I could possibly close out the week without mentioning my logo-crush of the week, the Bahamas logo, done by Duffy & Partners. Yesterday, Eliot sent me this […]

The Latest from J & L Books

The Latest from J & L Books

PR seppuku averted? Mucha mucho eager to fall on her sword

The Post made Fishbowl aware of something we’d nearly forgotten: How utterly different (and God, how much more dramatic!) flacks behave back in L.A. To wit: Disney’s off-with-their-heads PR samurai […]

Our Woman In Afghanistan. Our One Woman In Afghanistan.

Our woman in Afghanistan

Dick Cheney Blows Snow

The Style section of the Post today went after Dick Cheney’s outfit yesterday at the 60th anniversary of liberating Auschwitz. Evidently everyone wore appropriate black and somber attire, except for […]

eBay Update

Since there’s been a lot of eBay action lately on Fishbowl, we thought we’d take a quiet moment this morning to update where things stand: Conservative pundit Michael Graham is […]

Reader Gossip Ahoy!

I got my very first anonymous tip last night. Thank you, whoever you are. This note arrived to jen AT unbeige DOT com in response to my tale of what […]

Eliot Spitzer wants to be your friend

When you want to be Governor, you use every available medium. And legal big-game hunter Eliot Spitzer proves it on his new spitzer2006.com website where you, Dear Reader, will be […]

Weekend Gross Predictions: Farmers’ Markets

Weekend Gross Predictions: Farmers' Markets