Crimes Against Urbanity (The Big Kahuna)

Crimes Against Urbanity (The Big Kahuna)

J8L, Pianos, and the Golden Palace Casino

Two updates on recent Fishbowl items: NYTer Jenny 8 Lee’s dispute with her former landlord is now officially in the courts to the tune of $148,000 in damages. Reliable Source […]

Entertainment Tonight: Crappy Journalism At Its Finest

A tipster tells us that tonight, Entertainment Tonight will air a story about Michael Jackson’s ex-wife (and mother of two of his kids) Debbie Rowe’s recent plastic surgery including Botox […]

Roger Black on Neal Boulton

Black on Boulton

Knock Knock

From my artist pal (and trusty, adored gallery assistant) Jeffrey Teuton comes a link to the weirdly alluring Knock Man Family, from the “Art & Musical Group” Maywa Denki. Nobumichi […]

‘The Note’ Falls for the Trap

We talked yesterday about the anonymice administration background briefings, and lo and behold, here’s The Note today quoting the same exact thing: When a White House official conceded in a […]

Sticking Up For the LA Times

Announcing a new feature: To spare my readership from trudging through the LA Times in its entirety, each day I will find the one compelling paragraph therein and post it […]

Beaker Banking System

Beaker Banking System

Nikki Finke: Bourgeoisie-Poor And Proud

In her LA Weekly column, Nikki Finke weighs in on the Bernard Weinraub farewell piece. Her main point: She’s less susceptible than Weinraub to the moral corruptions of Hollywood journalism […]

Rather and POTUS Bond Over Texas

It sounds like there was some tension in the air at the traditional pre-State of the Union luncheon with network anchors and the president. The Post’s Howard Kurtz and FNC’s […]