Post Meets Heywood Jablome

The Washington City Paper’s talented Erik Wemple has discovered that the Post got taken for a ride as part of its inauguration coverage. In his column this week, which isn’t […]

Color Match

It’s Laura Holder day here at UnBeige. Ms. Holder just sent me this link to ColorMatch 5K. From the site: This utility will help you select a matching 6-color palette […]

Eyes, Ears, Underground

Eyes, Ears, Underground

Round Two: Pat Kingsley vs. Leslee Dart

The kind people sprinkling the dry, flaky fishfood on the surface of our aquarium tell us that the ongoing deathmatch between the certainly uncharitable – and, most likely, also boneheaded […]


Tina Brown, Trump wedding reporter

NPR Takes On The Prince of Darkness

Pop Quiz: One of these so-called Princes of Darkness has bitten the head off a live bat on stage. The other only does it in private. Which is which? Email […]

Firewood: The New Plasma TV

The LA Times today reports on the new SoCal status symbol: firewood. Yes, apparently Angelenos crave ‘specialty woods’ like almond and birch (“the white Cadillac of firewood”): “Southern Californians buy […]

Don’t touch that dial, Comrade. Langley is listening.

Fishbowl is certain you’ve heard of and that you’ve been waiting feverishly for its immediate relaunch, exact moment still TBD. Right? For instance, what other news outlet would tell […]

Links of Interest

Links of Interest

BREAKING NEWS ALERT: Bush wants to stop buying journalists

Good morning ladies and gentlemen, this is Karen Ryan, reporting live from Washington. We are interrupting your normal Thursday blog reading to bring you this special report: The fall-out from […]