And what’s the point of being the editor of Vanity Fair if there’s no Vanity Fair Oscar party?

VF name-calling

Peeking Inside the Green Rooms

The Hill offers today an inside look at the mysterious green rooms scattered around Washington, D.C., that hold capital pundits prior to their talking head segments. The verdict? D.C.’s green […]

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Share the Love

Enemies List: Neal Boulton vs. Fat

Neal Boulton vs. Fat

A Scary Time for Reporters

What with yesterday’s chilling decision about Matt Cooper and Judith Miller and the terribly unfortunate photos of Jeff Gannon, Hotline asks the questions on the minds of many reporters in […]

Graydon Carter Bites the Hand That Synergizes Him

According to Nikki Finke’s column in tomorrow’s LA Weekly, Vanity Fair editor Graydon Carter has been going around saying nasty things about his Hollywood friends, even as he plays nice […]

The Note Digs Deep

We share the feeling of many non-“Gang of 500”-ers that the Note can sometimes be a little too, well, meta. Today someone must have fallen asleep on the special “Meta” […]

Les Moonves vs. The CBS Three

Yowza. Anybody else feel that 2005 will be as bad a year for The Profession as it was when…well, come to think of it, it’s just never been worse, has […]



Kurtz Kliff Notes

Since many of you are tiring of the Gannon/Guckert mess, here’s a quick overview of Howard Kurtz’s article this morning on the latest developments: Biggest News Item: There are now […]