Audrey & Apple: They’re Baaaack

LA.COMfidential reports that the party-promoting team of Apple Via and Audrey Bernstein are working together again after a year-ish of hiatus. Not clear if Audrey Bernstein is using her real […]

More Subpoenas Coming for Journos?

Wasting no time in piggy-backing onto the Matthew Cooper/Judith Miller legal case this week, former Army scientist Steven J. Hatfill–whom you might remember from such federal investigations as the 2001 […]

NYT Buys

The New York Times Co. this afternoon agreed to buy Primedia’s for $410 million. The deal will be completed in four to six weeks. The NYT’s own story says […]

Fab Font Round Up from Typographica

Fab Font Round Up from Typographica

Uh, Or Maybe He Was Hungry?

The Daily News jumps decisively on the grasping-at-straws-about-Chris-Rock’s-Oscar-hosting bandwagon with this paragraph, from Valerie Kuklenski’s account of Monday’s nominees’ luncheon: First-time host Chris Rock had little to say about his […]

Taking Realism a Bit Too Far…

Taking Realism a Bit Too Far...

Kurtz Kliff Notes: Miller/Cooper Edition

More Howard Kurtz today on the Judith Miller/Matthew Cooper story, so we thought we’d offer some more Kurtz Kliff Notes: Deepest Analysis: “It’s an amazing twist in [Judith Miller’s] career,” […]

Enemies List: Michael Wolff vs. WSJ IWantMedia

The mysterious disappearance of the WSJ critique...

Watch Out for Strangers

We haven’t really been following the international intrigue-laced investigation into Riggs Bank here in D.C., but the Post’s story today managed to bury some nuggets about the life of some […]

Are LA Politicians Boring?

An editorial in today’s LA Times suggests an alternate theory to explain the paper’s non-reporting of political gossip, which Mickey Kaus pointed out last month in a widely-discussed guest column. […]