A gift for that wacky someone

If the kids on your list didn’t appreciate the tube socks they found in their holiday stockings, make it up to them with Wacky Packages. Topps introduced the classic product-spoof […]

Wishing you a happy holiday

Even AdFreak occasionally has to deal with real-world concerns like whether or not the Christmas gifts are really in those unopened Amazon boxes, whether it’s bad form that most of […]

We wonder what he really thinks

You may think it’s the holiday season but apparently it’s not only that. It also may be open season for a new round of verbal assaults on Lizzie Grubman, the […]

Who would Jesus spam?

Oh, Lordy. Unsolicited e-mails of a religious nature are on the rise, according to this article from E-Commerce Times. So far, MessageLabs, a company that provides email security, says messages […]

Blog hogs

Bloggers in 2004 couldn’t get enough of Johnny Depp.  Or Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11. Or JibJab.com’s satirical This Land is Your Land cartoon starring George W. Bush and John Kerry. […]

Goodbye, Mr. Chimp

Well, at least the butterflies (and ants) are still free to roam the TV airwaves in Puma’s "New Stuff" ad campaign. (See item with adorable chimp picture below.) However, we’ve […]

Think Twink

We can’t help thinking Twinkies’ 75th anniversary "Taste-bud Tingling Recipes" promotion is a just a little bit gross. The brand says it is seeking ideas for the 75 "most creative" […]

But will the campaign evolve?

The American Anti-Vivisection Society is up in arms over one of Puma’s latest TV commercials. The animal rights organization posted a statement on its Web site asking the sneaker company […]

Guess who’s got a friend at Hallmark?

Singer/songwriter James Taylor says he’s seen fire and he’s seen rain—and in 2002 he saw the loss of his record contract. So Taylor certainly had the right idea in pairing […]

It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature

It must have been the bloody rodent and pigeon carcasses seen dropping from the 12th floor that finally drove the co-op board of 927 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan to evict […]