Pedro’s wild pitch at Shea Stadium

Who knew, so early in the season, that Shea Stadium would have seen enough of Pedro Martinez? A new rotating billboard in center field, designed to flash ads between innings […]

27 reasons to love the Hootie spot

Need further proof that young males love the bizarre, raunchy Burger King TenderCrisp Bacon Cheddar Ranch ad, with its campy set and sleazy women? Look no further than this mildly […]

Next stop C-Span for Miss America?

Let it not be said that AdFreak neglects to solve society’s problems. Here’s a solution for one of them. Over the weekend, an article in The New York Times discussed […]

Un-‘Pleasant’ turns of events at Fox

At first, we thought we were just lazy. But now we realize why we don’t bother to have appointment television: Every show we’ve made a point of tuning in to, […]

Nike hitches a ride on Woods’ historic shot

Nike has long tapped into the drama of sports. But on Sunday, when Tiger Woods approached the 16th green in the final round of The Masters, the drama of sports […]

The future of TV measurement

To insiders, most general-interest stories about the inner workings of advertising and media are a snooze. An exception is yesterday’s piece on the future of television measurement in The New […]

Paid search and the pope

As any high-profile media event does, the death of Pope John Paul II has brought out the advertisers. In terms of paid search, Googling “Pope” or “Pope John Paul II” […]

The healthcare provider strikes back: the sequel

When we last left our protagonist—that would be me—I had been told by Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield that spraining my ankle while stepping off a stationary ski shuttle bus […]

Someone help Walter, if he exists

This new blog has to be a marketing stunt for some dating Web site. The “blogger,” named Walter, in a quest for love, claims to have put a billboard up […]

‘NYT’ comes up with the stalker-eulogy

We can credit The New York Times with inventing a new literary genre: the stalker-eulogy. A couple days after the April 5 death of novelist Saul Bellow, the paper’s editorial […]