Darkly Comic Campaign Shows Women the Tool We Really Need to Ensure Gender Parity

Yes, it's Business Bulge underwear

For International Women's Day, the Young Minds for Gender Equality Foundation (YM4GE) is offering us a practical, immediate solution to the pay parity problem: The Business Bulge, a pair of…

Diabolical House of Cards Ads in D.C. Metro Reference a Crime Committed There on the Show

Underwood is 'a push in the right direction'

New ads for House of Cards reference a now-infamous scene early in Season 2 where—spoiler alert—Frank Underwood pushes a certain aquaintance in front of a D.C. Metro train. Meant to…'s Captain Obvious Is Running for President, and He's Already Been Everywhere

Pun-driven campaign launches 50-state tour

As if the 2016 presidential election weren't enough of a farce already, a new clown is throwing his hat in the ring:'s mascot, Captain Obvious.  In Crispin Porter + Bogusky's…

Who's Winning the Ad Battle Between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders? Experts Weigh In

Industry leaders review the spots so far

     Just a few months ago, the Democratic nomination looked like a cakewalk for Hillary Clinton, but Bernie Sanders has consistently gained momentum, fueled in part by emotionally powerful advertising. As primary…

How Effective Have Donald Trump's and Ted Cruz's Campaign Ads Been?

Voter reactions a few days before Iowa

Donald Trump's support among blue collar voters doubles when Ted Cruz attacks him in ads, but those same attacks boost Cruz's support among middle-class men. And while Trump's ads don't…

This Ad Copywriter Is Raising Money to Run an Anti-Trump Attack Ad in New Hampshire

'The man is the epitome of bad advertising,' says Louis Wittig

Trump would date his daughter! Trump's son likes hunting! Trump says he could shoot a man and still win!  We're sick of seeing Trump in our Facebook feeds. Thankfully, we aren't alone: Louis Wittig,…

These Fake Local Grocery Ads Brilliantly Skewer Northern Canada's Surreal Food Prices

Driving home the crisis in Nunavut

If you want to pay $48 for a bag of flour, head to northern Canada. It might even come with the same cheesy smile that your local grocer promises in…

600 Fake Outdoor Ads in Paris Blast Corporate Sponsors of the COP21 Climate Talks

Brandalism stunt targets brands' hypocrisy

Couldn't make it to Dismaland before its rapid shut-down? That's OK. There's always Paris. Just in time for the COP21 Climate Conference, an organization called Brandalism has hijacked over 600 outdoor ad spaces in…

MassMutual Asks Gay Couples the Question They Haven't Been Posed: What's It Like to Be Married?

The answers will move you

The notion of marriage as a powerful covenant between two human beings shines through in "Vow to Protect," Mullen Lowe's new digital campaign for MassMutual. The initiative seeks to sell financial…

Why National CineMedia Is Saying 'No' to All Political Advertising

Keeping movie theaters free from negativity

As the 2016 presidential election cycle comes around, ad dollars will soon be flying, with spending on TV ads predicted to reach more than $4 billion. But National CineMedia is walking away…