Editor's Note: End of the Everywoman

Icons Oprah and Martha are flaming out as female-centric social media brand Pinterest becomes a phenom. It might not be a coincidence

Once upon a time, there were two venerated queens. Each enjoyed a historic reign over her multimedia kingdom, ruling absolutely over her millions of adoring subjects who yearned to be…

How to Talk to Women

A peek at today's women and the marketers that understand them

Women have come so far—but you certainly couldn’t tell that from much of the advertising out there. Still, more brands, including Chevrolet, TD Ameritrade and Harley-Davidson (which has targeted women…

The Mom Achiever

The hard working, highly educated mothers of today

This segment—mothers 35 to 45—can be summed up in a word: driven. In fact, these women are in overdrive. They’ve polished off advanced degrees, earned executive jobs and see mothering…

Airline Lost Your Luggage? Tell It to Twitter

Airlines, notorious for bad customer service, use social media to soothe unhappy fliers—and stand out from rivals

For disgruntled airline passengers, Twitter is the new squeaky wheel. Unhappy about WiFi failing on your flight? Tweet about it and you may get an apology and even some extra mileage…

Portrait: Ayzenberg Group

The interactive shop finds kids through the mobile, social platforms that obsess them

Specs Who (l. to r.) Gary Goodman, principal, creative director; Vincent Juarez, principal, media director; Stuart Pope, principal, creative director; Eric Ayzenberg, chief strategist, chief creative officer; Chris Younger, principal, director…

Pantene Signs On for London

Hair care brand backs Olympic athletes in hopes of reaching female viewers

Pantene is pushing for female Olympics fans. At a press conference late last week, the hair care brand announced a new sponsorship for the 2012 games in London this summer. As…

Where Your Gadgets Go to Die

Hardware recycling programs offer an easy way to get rid of old PCs or phones. But at what cost to privacy and the environment?

Five years ago, when Best Buy approached Electronic Recyclers International to start a pilot recycling program in 100 of its stores, other retailers considered them heretics. “People said, ‘Oh my God,…

Chevy's Mobile Scavenger Hunt

Automaker teams with SCVNGR for 27-city promotion

Hoping to seize on the mobile gaming craze, Chevrolet is rolling out its second physical-digital treasure hunt this year. The prize? One of twenty-seven sedans that dealers will give away…

For Data Geeks, the Gift of Search

Startup Datafiniti launches marketer-friendly search engine for data

Imagine a Google search that returns a spreadsheet of compartmentalized factoids, rather than a list of links. Sounds complicated to the average Google searcher, but to data junkies, especially direct…

Probably the Most Unfortunate Coupon Copywriting Ever

Is this some kind of joke?

What can I say? It's Friday. Mr. Roof appears to have mended his ways since the atrocity above, offering much less gross-sounding coupons online today. Via Failblog.