Here’s a 3-Minute Guide to Explaining Influencer Marketing to Your Boss

6 Dangerously Inaccurate Assumptions You’re Making About Millennials

The next best thing to finding the elixir of eternal youth is to figure out how the young work. For marketers keen to capture a committed audience, millennials represent the ultimate prize: engaged with the world, earning money, eager to spend it.

One Metric Advertisers Should Be Optimizing for During the Summer Games

Infographic: The Big Opportunities for Marketers During This Summer of Sports

Every four years, the world's attention turns to the sports and athletes of the summer games. But what do you really know about the people who spend hours each day following these events?

The Big Topics of Conversation at Cannes This Year

The advertising industry's annual party on the French Riviera might be over, but its impact is only beginning to be felt.

Shopper Marketing in the Era of the Connected Consumer

People today seem to be in shopping mode 24/7. While they are still going to traditional brick-and-mortar retailers for the vast majority of purchases (estimated to be between 85-90 percent of all sales), their path to purchase now passes through a wide range of digital, mobile and social channels, reflecting a shift in behavior that is changing the face of shopper marketing.

Quiz: Are You Really a Digital Know-It-All?

If marketing metrics are your thing, you're probably steeped in customer journeys, keep a running list of campaign ROIs and eat digital insights for breakfast. We're willing to bet you also love a chance to prove your marketing savvy—pinpointing prospects with precision and meticulously analyzing your customers' digital activity.  

Here’s Why the Next Evolution in Social Listening Is Visual Intelligence

Over three billion images are posted daily across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc., according to Mary Meeker's latest Internet Trends report. Yet 80 percent of them lack a caption or text that identifies what's in the photo.

What Coachella’s Snapchat Partnership Can Teach Brands About Customer Experience

Brands have long tapped into popular music trends, but this summer offers something different: opportunities to integrate with live music events through new video streaming and storytelling platforms. This is no niche audience, either. About 32 million people attend at least one music festival in the U.S.

What Voice-Powered Search Means for Consumers and Brands

Whether we realize it or not, search is embedded in our daily activities—it's on mobile, cloud-connected game consoles and, increasingly, on the smart devices that power our homes. Unlimited access to information is transforming not just our lives but also the search experience, which is becoming an intelligence platform powering devices and technology.