You Need a Rapid-Response Team for the New Era of Fast Advertising

Accelerate brand awareness with memes and more

“Fast advertising” was propelled into the marketing spotlight with the debut of Aviation Gin’s clever marketing spot, “The Gift That Doesn’t Give Back” in response to Peloton’s 2019 holiday ad “The Gift That Gives Back.” As a result of its instant success, fast advertising represents an emerging genre of marketing that plugs-into popular, cultural, and social trends and memes—at scale. By augmenting traditional efforts, fast advertising can help accelerate brand modernization and relevance amongst highly-desired connected consumers.

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@briansolis Adweek opinion contributor Brian Solis is global innovation evangelist at Salesforce, a digital anthropologist and a best-selling author.
Adweek opinion contributor Mathew Sweezey is the Director of Market Strategy for Salesforce, and author of The Context Marketing Revolution.