Trolls World Tour Makes a Stop on Snapchat via an AR Lens

Users can transform themselves into their favorite characters

Trolls World Tour may not be heading to movie theaters, as originally planned, but the feature film from DreamWorks Animation and Universal Pictures is making its presence felt on digital and social platforms prior to its release via on-demand via streaming platforms in the U.S. Friday (April 10).

Universal teamed up with Snapchat on an augmented reality lens that enables Snapchatters to transform themselves into their favorite Trolls characters.

The lens is available via Lens Carousel to Snapchatters in Canada and the U.S., as well as via the Snap Camera application for desktop, where it can be used in video calls.

Universal Pictures/Snapchat

Snap Inc. creative strategy lead Leah Rubin-Cadrain said, “This Trolls experience is so cheerful, it’s a delight to share it with millions of people, especially parents and teens, through Snapchat. Extending the fun to Snap Camera will bring even more of us—coworkers, extended family—closer together through AR. We can’t wait to see our Snapchat community create together and enjoy this shared experience in real time.”