Paramount Pictures Continues Its Snapchat Blitz for Sonic the Hedgehog

Landmarker, face and world lenses back the film’s Feb. 14 premiere

An image of Sonic the Hedgehog on top of a house with text on the right that says, "Sonic the Hedgehog Thursday Night"
Sonic invades the Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. Paramount Pictures/Snapchat

Sonic the Hedgehog is spending a lot of time on Snapchat this week.

Paramount Pictures teamed up with the messaging application on augmented reality landmarker lenses, as well as a face lens and world lens, backing the feature film, which hits theaters Friday (Feb. 14).

Landmarker lenses will be available in Berlin (Brandenburg Gate), London (Natural History Museum, Tower Bridge), Los Angeles (Chinese Theatre), New York (Flatiron Building, Statue of Liberty) and Paris (Eiffel Tower).

When Snapchatters are near any of those landmarks, a Sonic icon will show up Lens Carousel. Selecting it will make the app prompt the user to find the landmark.

When their camera screen is pointed at the Landmark, the user can watch it transform via the AR lens.

Paramount Pictures/Snapchat
Paramount Pictures/Snapchat

Snapchatters who are not near any of those landmarks are not left out of the fun, as Lens Carousel will also feature the Sonic face lens and world lens, accessible to all U.S. users.

Those lenses also feature Snapchat’s shoppable AR technology, enabling Snapchatters to purchase movie tickets directly via the lenses.

Paramount Pictures/Snapchat
Paramount Pictures/Snapchat
Paramount Pictures/Snapchat

Paramount co-president of worldwide marketing and distribution Mary Daily said in an email, “This collaboration really captures the theme of friendship that is at the heart of this movie, and we are thrilled that this campaign marks the first time Tower Bridge has been transformed into a Snapchat landmarker. As a platform, Snapchat is founded on the idea of creating and sharing with your friends, and it’s exciting that Sonic is able to share his global adventures directly with Snapchatters around the world.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.