The Award for the Most Social Awards Show Goes to the 61st Annual Grammy Awards

Nielsen Social Content Ratings broke down the past season

Cardi B’s Instagram shout-out after winning a Grammy tallied 1.6 million engagements Trifonenko/iStock

The 61st Annual Grammy Awards was tops among awards shows in interactions across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram during the now-concluded awards season, tallying 26.2 million, according to Nielsen Social Content Ratings.

The measurement company said in a blog post, “Despite the plethora of content available to audiences at any time and any place, the allure of tuning in to live TV specials like award shows is thriving. One component of the live TV special experience today is social media, where TV audiences and content creators alike can react and engage as if they were all sitting in the same living room. With their glitz, glamour and cultural relevance, award shows in particular provide the unique ingredients to marry content with conversation.”

The 10 most social awards shows, according to Nielsen Social Content Ratings, were:

  1. 61st Annual Grammy Awards, CBS, Feb. 10, 26.2 million total interactions
  2. 91st Academy Awards, ABC, Feb. 24, 17.7 million
  3. 2018 MTV Music Awards, MTV, Aug. 20, 12.2 million
  4. Golden Globe Awards, NBC, Jan. 6, 8.6 million
  5. Premio Lo Nuestro 2019, Univision, Feb. 21, 6.7 million
  6. 2018 American Music Awards, ABC, Oct. 9, 5.5 million
  7. People’s Choice Awards, E!, Nov. 18, 5.3 million
  8. 70th Primetime Emmy Awards, NBC, Sept. 17, 5.1 million
  9. The 19th Annual Latin Grammy Awards, Univision, Nov. 15, 4.2 million
  10. Latin American Music Awards, Telemundo, Oct. 25, 3.9 million

Nielsen Social Content Ratings also shared some notable social moments from these events:

  • Cardi B’s “animated” Instagram shout-out after winning a Grammy Award tallied 1.6 million engagements, which Nielsen Social Content Ratings said is more than some shows generate across all of their official accounts combined.
  • Alicia Keys, host and performer at the Grammys, sparked nearly 80,000 interactions on Twitter when she played across two pianos at once in her tribute to pianist Hazel Scott.
  • Angela Bassett shared an image of herself in formal attire, along with Courtney B. Vance, at the Oscars, and it generated more than 515,000 Instagram engagements.
  • Twitter activity during the Oscars spiked at over 69,000 interactions during the performance of Shallow by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

As far as brands, Camila Cabello’s ad for MasterCard during the Grammy’s, Lady Gaga wearing a diamond from Tiffany during the Oscars and Taco Bell sponsoring the Best New Artist award at the VMAs resulted in those three brands being the most talked about during their respective events.

Nielsen Social Content Ratings said in its blog post, “When harnessed correctly, social media is a dynamic tool at the disposal of those who wield it. For audiences, it’s an organic way to interact with favorite celebrities, shows and brands in real-time. For talent, brands and networks, it’s an expansive, accessible platform that can integrate advertising, generate interest and grow fan bases. This season, awards shows have once again demonstrated their distinct ability to capture the attention of large audiences and promote engagement for themselves and others through their representation on social media.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.