Monday’s Solar Eclipse Cast a Dramatic Shadow Over Twitter and Facebook

Facebook said the eclipse sparked more discussion than Super Bowl LI

9 million-plus tweets and 240 million-plus Facebook interactions solarseven/iStock

Monday’s solar eclipse spurred more than 9 million tweets globally, along with 240 million interactions (posts, Reactions, shares and comments) from over 66 million Facebook users.

Twitter shared the map below, illustrating how the volume of conversation about the eclipse aligned with its path across the U.S.

The Weather Channel‘s Chasing Eclipse 2017 Twitter livestream reached 7.1 million total unique viewers.

Facebook said Monday’s solar eclipse sparked more discussion than Super Bowl LI, adding that 67 percent of users discussing the eclipse were women, and 20 percent were located outside of the U.S.

The top 10 eclipse-related hashtags on Facebook were:

  1. #eclipse2017
  2. #solareclipse2017
  3. #totality
  4. #eclipseday
  5. #nasa
  6. #pathoftotality
  7. #felizlunes
  8. #brillatuluz
  9. #greatamericaneclipse
  10. #eclipseglasses

And the five non-U.S. countries discussing it the most were:

  1. Mexico
  2. Canada
  3. U.K.
  4. Brazil
  5. India

There were more than 129,000 eclipse-related Facebook Live videos from publishers and users, and all eclipse-related videos (not just Facebook Live) totaled over 365 million views.

The top Facebook Live video Monday, with more than 29 million views, came from NASA, and at one point during the day, more than 500,000 users were tuned in.

Also, this 360-degree Facebook Live video from NASA, in 4K resolution, totaled more than 3 million views. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.