Pinterest Search Trends Show How Couples Adjusted Wedding Plans Due to Covid-19

Platform sees spikes in queries for intimate outdoor weddings

Pinterest shared some insights on how the coronavirus pandemic has skewed wedding-related searches on its platform and how marketers in different sectors can help fill in the gaps.

The company said in a statement, “Since the pandemic hit, the wedding industry is one of many that has been hugely impacted, as brides and grooms have had to rethink, postpone or even cancel their celebrations as a result of the pandemic. As a top destination for wedding planning, Pinterest’s insights provide a lens into how consumers are thinking about the future of weddings.”

According to Pinterest, while searches for “canceled wedding” and “postponed wedding” have doubled since February, there have been recent upticks in searches for “intimate outdoor wedding” (up 2.3 times from May 18 through June 23 compared with Feb. 24 through March 31), “small backyard wedding” (3.7 times) and “home weddings” (2 times).

Pinterest has also seen a jump in searches for budget-friendly weddings, “likely as a result of unemployment and overall financial uncertainty.” Searches for “minimalist wedding dress” have skyrocketed by 20 times, while those for “simple short wedding dress” doubled.

Safety remains a factor, as well, with searches for “bridal mask” up 22 times.

“Weddings may look different, but they continue to be the highlight of many relationships and will remain a special event,” according to Pinterest. “There is an opportunity for brands to connect with consumers and help create a memorable day, even if it wasn’t the one they’d initially planned or pinned.

“In addition to traditional wedding brands and products, there is vast opportunity for food and beverage companies, furniture (especially outdoor) and travel brands to provide customers with unique solutions and ideas to create dream weddings on a smaller, safer scale.”

The platform offered the following examples:

  • Retail: Furniture brands can share outdoor furniture picks or create guides on how to execute one using their products. Wedding dress retailers should include more minimalist gowns in line with the search trends we are seeing, and more casual brands can advertise their more formal wear as that may now fit a less extravagant theme.
  • Tech/telecommunications: For smaller weddings with a limit on attendees, the guests become event photographers. Phone manufacturers and tech brands can provide the best tips, tutorials and tools to capture the event and make it special.
  • Alcohol/beverages: With backyard weddings on the rise, couples will be adding even more do-it-yourself touches to their ceremonies. Beverage and spirits brands can provide help to the amateur bartender or ideas for that special signature quarantine wedding cocktail.
  • Financial services: Smaller weddings could leave couples with more to invest. Now may be the perfect time for couples to think about other big steps like buying a home.
  • Travel: If the wedding is small, the honeymoon can be epic. Travel brands can tap into the wanderlust and help travelers plan for a slightly delayed yet completely amazing trip next year.