Rosé All Day Wants Instagrammers to Share Their Pandemic Wedding Stories

The winning couple can choose between 3 honeymoon options or $5,000

Instagrammers must follow @rose_all_day and tell their stories between July 21 and Sept. 7 Rosé All Day

The coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc on wedding plans for beer drinkers and wine drinkers alike, and Rosé All Day wants to help take the edge off for one lucky unlucky couple.

The Biagio Cru Wines & Spirits brand is running a contest on the @rose_all_day Instagram account in which couples can tell the stories of how their love was not canceled, even though their ceremonies may have been.

The company said in a statement, “Was your wedding canceled altogether? Was it held on Zoom? Are you planning a socially distant backyard ceremony? Was it postponed to a later date? How have logistics been? We want all of the tea—good, bad, ugly and hopefully with a love story to continue.”

In order to enter, Instagrammers must follow @rose_all_day and tell their stories between July 21 and Sept. 7.

Entries are accepted in all formats—text, photos with captions or videos, static posts or Stories—and they should be tagged with @rose_all_day and include the #MyRADWeddingStory hashtag.

Instagram users who have their accounts set to private can share their entries with the company via Instagram Direct.

Biagio Cru said, “We’re looking for both a compelling story and also a creative way the story’s told. We’re looking to be moved either to laughter or to tears. Interesting logistics? Definitely what we’re into, too. Most of all, we’ll be on the lookout for a unique means in which you’re telling your story (did you create a photoshoot to recreate your engagement? Use real video from your Zoom wedding? Write a poem?).”

The company outlined the prizes that the winning couple will get to choose between:

  • Are you the idyllic, romantic bride/groom? We’ll whisk you away to our chateau in France.
Rosé All Day
  • More of the rugged, outdoors type? Let’s saddle you and your loved one up in a decked-out, socially distanced RV for a cross-country road trip.
  • Eager to get this honeymoon party started but uncomfortable leaving your neck of the woods? Sounds perfect for a locally booked staycation rental through Vrbo or a similar housing share site.
  • If none of these sounds like the honeymoon you had in mind, no worries. We’ll give you $5,000 cash to use how you’d like for your dream trip.

In the early stages of the pandemic, Anheuser-Busch InBev’s Busch brand conducted a #BuschWeddingGift sweepstakes, in which a total of 250 couples who shared their stories via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were chosen to receive $300 prepaid debit cards to purchase Busch beer for up to one year, roughly equivalent to two 24-pack cases per month.

Biagio Cru principal Darren Restivo said in a statement, “This year has been unprecedented on so many levels. The power of storytelling is insurmountable, and we’re hoping to weave a rich tapestry of love stories interrupted, but not disturbed. The goal is to prove that love will always continue on and, of course, to give back to one particularly deserving couple whose honeymoon dreams were put on hold.” David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.