Opendorse for Business Brings the Social Media Publishing Tool Beyond Sports

Over 10,000 athletes are currently using the flagship platform

Social media publishing tool Opendorse was all set to expand beyond its sports roots and make its solution available to businesses of all types earlier this month, but then, sports ground to a halt due to the coronavirus pandemic.

However, co-founder and co-CEO Blake Lawrence believes the time is now right, unveiling the company’s new Opendorse for Business solution Tuesday.

Vice president of Marketing Chris Allen said Opendorse for Business was in the works well before the dawn of Covid-19, adding, “We decided to postpone our announcement to figure out if we would be helping or not. We decided it would help. At the end of the day, this problem we’ve been solving for so long goes outside of sports.”

Opendorse for Business works the same way the flagship Opendorse platform works for leagues, teams and athletes: Companies and their employees can share content seamlessly—”Two-tap process, tap to review, tap to publish, back to work,” Allen said—while maintaining consistent messaging, automating publishing schedules and tapping into libraries populated with their media.

Just as remaining active on social media helps athletes become ambassadors for their teams, sports and leagues, employees can become ambassadors for their companies, while building their own personal brands simultaneously.

“Most consumers want to hear from people, right now more than ever,” Lawrence said. “People want to hear how executives are handling things. When you make a platform so easy to use by some of the busiest people on the planet, athletes, it was a very natural transition to executives. We realized that the problems we solve exist outside of sports, as well.”


Lawrence was a starting linebacker on the 2009 University of Nebraska team, which also included future National Football League stars defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh and cornerback Prince Amukamara, as well as kicker Adi Kunalic.

Opendorse evolved from efforts by Lawrence and co-founder Kunalic to help Amukamara capitalize on his social media presence after he turned pro.

Over 10,000 athletes are now using its platform to publish content to their social channels, more than double its total from January 2019.

Opendorse said executives can use Opendorse for Business to increase their social presence, potentially boosting their standings as industry thought leaders.

Simplifying the process of posting social content encourages employees to do so more often and helps the company get its message out. Opendorse said brand consistency and messages can be ensured across franchisees, dealers, executives and ambassadors.

This, in turn, generated brand awareness, extends reach and delivers more qualified web visits, inbound leads and better recruitment, Opendorse said.

And Opendorse for Business helps clients track published content and determine what types of audiences are engaging the most, and with what kinds of content.

Lawrence said engagements for athletes on its platform nearly doubled in the week after most major leagues suspended operations, from roughly 13 million to 24 million, adding, “We’re using social as a way to escape the situation that we’re all in. (Opendorse for Businesses was) built not specifically for this moment in time, but understanding that this is going to be people connecting with people, executives connecting with consumers.”