It’s the Public’s Turn to Weigh In on Facebook’s Independent Oversight Board

Responses to a questionnaire and free-form questions will be accepted for the next 6 weeks

The public consultation process is made up of a questionnaire and a group of free-form questions Urupong/iStock

Last November, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg raised the idea of an independent oversight board to help the social network with decisions on which content should be removed for violating its community standards.

In January, Facebook unveiled the draft charter for this oversight board, describing it as a body of independent experts who will be tasked with reviewing its most challenging decisions on content and saying that the board will have the power to overturn Facebook’s decisions on whether or not to remove certain posts from its platform.

Monday, Facebook began seeking input from the public on how the board should be constructed.

Director of governance and oversight board Brent Harris said in a Newsroom post that the public consultation process is made up of a questionnaire and a group of free-form questions.

Responses to the questionnaire will feed into engagement happening in roundtable discussions and workshops globally, Harris added, while the free-form questions will focus on membership, case decisions and governance, and will help Facebook with design and structural options.

Responses will be accepted for the next six weeks.

Facebook is also teaming up with law firm Baker McKenzie, which will provide project-management support and review submissions.

Harris said Facebook will publish a report in June to summarize its findings from these submissions and other conversations it is having, adding, “We look forward to continuing outreach and engagement that will help build a board and create accountability and oversight of our content policy and enforcement decisions. We will continue to share milestones and progress along the way.”

Facebook David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.