4 Ways AI Will Make You a Better Marketer in 2021

Artificial intelligence doesn’t have to be scary

In 2021, companies who tap into the benefits of artificial intelligence can personalize every experience and ultimately drive growth. Many AI capabilities are already available in the tools we use daily—helping marketers understand what’s working, what’s not working, and opportunities for improvement. Accenture explores this idea and states, “75% of CMOs admit past formulas are no match against the new disruptors, able to deliver more relevant customer experiences.” With the need for relevant customer experiences at an all-time high, artificial intelligence helps companies send messages that understand the needs of their customers and create meaningful moments.

Let’s explore 4 ways AI will make you a better marketer in 2021:

Fewer manual queries

Segmentation is one of the most important tactics to improve personalization and increase engagement. It’s tried and true. Artificial Intelligence takes segmentation into a new direction. AI finds undiscovered or hard-to-determine segments. It then provides automated, real-time updates on the size and engagement as customers move in and out of these target audiences. For example, AI can identify customers who are receiving too many messages and either suppress them from receiving more all together, or reach out to them on a different channel.

The marketer no longer has to manually run queries, saving time for self and for team. Smarter segmentation builds stronger bonds between customer and brand and has the potential to drive revenue. Using AI to find the most valuable customers on every platform and channel can help marketers build out more complex engagement strategies for each network.

Find the customer in the right moment

Getting to your customer in the right moment is essential. Brands fight for a customer’s attention. AI helps deliver a message to the subscriber on the right channel, at the time they’re most likely to engage.

AI saves countless hours of manual work by analyzing engagement data and behavioral history (when a customer is most active) and predicting the optimal engagement time for each customer, leading to maximum conversions. With messages delivered at the right moment, marketers can then use AI to build out a personalized message or customer experience.

Respond with range

Customers are multi-dimensional. Just because a customer bought a pair of running shoes doesn’t mean they only want to see running content. For example, if a customer is the buyer for multiple family members, they might want to see imagery and content outside of just one age or one gender. Marketers want to make sure each customer knows that they understand their needs—but it’s impossible to manually create a unique message for every individual.

AI helps marketers reconcile the many interests and preferences of a customer to show the customer the right content for them at that point in time. The AI selects a piece of content that will be the most relevant and the most engaging for that individual based on specific data known about the customer and implicit data from behavior on multiple channels. Making it even more useful, this use case can take into account the expiration of a promotion or content that is only for a specific audience.

Market with empathy

Word choice and copy are critical for authentic and empathetic communications. AI can help marketers see how word choices resonate against the spectrum of emotions and how a brand’s most frequently used phrases drive behavior.

Marketers can understand insights and analyze their language over time, across messages, and with trends on emotions. They can easily see a snapshot of the types of tones they use most frequently, what resonates the most with their audience, and areas to improve. The end result is speaking in a way that fits your brand and resonates most with your customers.
As consumers create more data, AI has become a necessary tool for any marketer. The scale of customer data would be impossible to work with manually, no matter the size of your business. AI does not have to be intimidating or scary. Take advantage of the tools available to you and get started.