What Does It Take to Have an Effective Mar-Tech Strategy in 2017?

Marketers need a long-term plan

Mar tech may be the latest buzzword for helping brands tailor marketing and advertising to specific consumers or groups, but not all marketers are prepared to make sense of the troves of data they’ve collected over the years.

Mar tech also requires brands to predict what data they will need, not just today but years into the future.

“I think that companies looking for a quick win might be in for a bit of a challenge in adopting some of the more advanced techniques in mar tech today,” said Andrew Frank, vp and distinguished analyst at Gartner for Marketers.

“In 2017, a mar-tech strategy means having some kind of road map and having some kind of vision for what the end state is that you’re looking for, because you can’t accomplish everything overnight,” he said. “So you have to have some kind of a plan, and you have to have some solutions that you can implement in a fairly short time frame so that you can prove your credibility and the value of these investments.”

Watch the video for the rest of Frank’s interview and why he thinks AI and machine learning are poised to be pulling more marketing levers by 2020.

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