There Was No War on Christmas on Facebook and Instagram in December

New Year’s Eve was also one of Facebook IQ’s Hot Topics for the month

Christmas dominated conversation on Facebook and Instagram last month RgStudio/iStock
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People on Facebook and Instagram were caught up in the holiday spirit in December, as Christmas and New Year’s Eve absolutely dominated conversation on both networks for the month, according to the newest installment of Hot Topics from Facebook IQ, the social network’s research arm.

In the entertainment category, Facebook users headed for the cinema, talking up Jason Momoa, Bradley Cooper and Sandra Bullock, while Instagrammers took to their couches to watch the Golden Globe Awards.

The National Football League led sports discussion on both platforms, with Facebook users chatting about the Los Angeles Chargers, Miami Dolphins and Indianapolis Colts, while the Dolphins and Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles led Instagram talk.

Scarves and LG Electronics topped talk about brands and products on Facebook, while Instagrammers discussed Ole Henriksen and the Canon EOS 70D camera.

Catriona Gray and Richard Overton were the most-discussed people on Facebook last month, while Miley Cyrus and David Goggins captured the attention of Instagrammers.

Finally, in the food and drink category, Facebook users opted tor the spice of Vietnamese food, while Instagrammers clinked their champagne glasses in December.

Facebook IQ measured subjects that drove disproportionately high volumes of discussion on both social platforms, marking the latest in a Facebook-Adweek Hot Topics monthly series that began in 2015.

Check out the data-based graphics below to learn more about recent, topical social trends:

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Facebook IQ David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.