The Golden State Warriors Came Out and Played on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in April

The defending NBA champs had the most likes and comments across all 3 platforms

The Los Angeles Lakers no longer have the largest audience on Facebook and Twitter Unmetric
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The defending National Basketball Association champions obliterated the competition on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in April, as the Golden State Warriors were tops in the league in likes and comments on all three platforms, according to social marketing firm Unmetric.

The Milwaukee Bucks also posted a strong April, leading Twitter and Instagram in growth and Facebook in engagement.

Unmetric examined its cross-channel reports for all 30 NBA teams from April 1 through 30, and it also found that:

  • The Los Angeles Lakers not only failed to qualify for the playoffs, but the team also surrendered its months-long hold on the top audience size on Facebook and Twitter. The Houston Rockets now top Facebook, while Twitter and Instagram are paced by the Warriors.
  • The Rockets had the most Facebook growth during April.
  • The Portland Trail Blazers topped Twitter in engagement, while the Boston Celtics did so on Instagram.
  • The Denver Nuggets were the most active posters across all three social platforms.
Unmetric David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.