Snapchat Just Released a Way for Developers to Add Users’ 3D Bitmoji to Their Games

The new software-development kit works across all platforms

Snapchatters can play as their Bitmoji in games on mobile, PC, consoles and other platforms Snapchat

Snapchat began its push into gaming with its rollout earlier this month of real-time multiplayer platform Snap Games, and Snapchatters’ 3D Bitmoji avatars will soon be able to join in the fun.

The messaging application Thursday released Bitmoji for Games, a new software-development kit that will enable developers and publishers to incorporate Bitmoji into their titles.

The SDK will enable Snapchatters to play as their Bitmoji in games on mobile, PC, consoles and other platforms, making their avatars “personal and portable.”

Once the SDK is incorporated into a game, at the point where players choose an avatar or character, they will be able to scan a Snapcode and link their Snapchat account so that they can play as their own Bitmoji.

Snapchat introduced Snap Games at its Snap Partner Summit in Los Angeles in early April, and it features original titles and games from developers.

Parent company Snap Inc. acquired Bitmoji parent Bitstrips in March 2016, and it said Bitmoji was the fastest-growing app in 2016 and the most downloaded the following year.

Snap Kit, a set of four application-programming interfaces released to developers last June, included several ways to incorporate Bitmoji into third-party apps.

And the company introduced App Stories for its Story Kit at Snap Partner Summit. The new tool expands on the Bitmoji Kit Snapchat rolled out last June, integrating Bitmoji with apps including Venmo and Fitbit. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.