Snapchat Is Making It Easier for Stories to Appear on Other Apps

Tinder and Houseparty are the first partners

Snapchat Stories are no longer confined to the app. Snap Inc.
Headshot of Ann-Marie Alcántara

Snapchat is tearing down its walled gardens, one Bitmoji at a time.

Announced at the Snap Partner Summit in Los Angeles, the company introduced a new tool dubbed “App Stories” in Story Kit, its developer platform. With App Stories, other apps can now bring Snapchat Stories into their own ecosystems. So, instead of letting other companies simply replicate the “stories” experience, Snapchat is making it easier for these stories made on its app to exist on other platforms. Some of the first partners include Tinder, Houseparty and Adventure Aide.

On Tinder for example, Snapchatters can now upload a snap to both their Snapchat story and to their Tinder profiles. On Houseparty, a video social platform, friends can check out each other’s Snapchat stories. On Adventure Aide, a travel experience app, guides can share stories to the app, to show users what exactly they’ll see on any trip they want to book. These new partner stories experiences will roll out throughout the year.

These aren’t the only new integrations Snapchat is bringing from its app to others. With its Bitmoji Kit, Bitmoji are coming to Venmo and Fitbit. On Venmo, users can drop Bitmoji into comments and on Fitbit, sensors will figure out which type of Bitmoji to display on the watch face, so that’s it relevant.

On Snapchat’s Creative Kit, which lets users share information from another app to Snapchat, a slew of new partners are joining like Netflix, GoFundMe and Anchor. This means a Snapchat user can now link to a specific show or episode they’re watching on Netflix or a podcaster can share a link to their newest episode on Snapchat. Some of these features are live today, while others are arriving at a later date.

Of course, all these features are brand awareness plays but tie nicely into other news the company announced: its first mobile ad network outside of Snapchat. While Snap announced today that it reaches 90 percent of 13 to 24 year olds in the U.S., it still has a long ways to go not only to maintain its user base but also to prove to advertisers how effective its formats are.

@itstheannmarie Ann-Marie Alcántara is a tech reporter for Adweek, focusing on direct-to-consumer brands and ecommerce.