Publishers on Facebook Audience Network Can Now Set CPM Targets

Facebook will accept all bids above the target, as well as some slightly below

Publishers using Facebook Audience Network now have far more control over bidding on their ad placements.

Product marketing manager, publisher solutions Amelia Zins introduced CPM Targets (cost per thousand impressions) in a blog post, saying that rather than using price floors to set the minimum bid they are willing to accept for ad placements, publishers can set CPM Targets, and Facebook will accept all bids above the target, as well as some slightly below, in order to enable publishers to achieve their desired CPMs.

Zins said Facebook Audience Network’s new CPM Targets tool enables publishers to:

  • Better forecast ad revenue by setting price targets that are specific to each placement and country.
  • Establish country, region and rest-of-world CPM Targets and apply them to other applications and properties, saving time.
  • Access demand from Facebook advertisers “at various points in their waterfall,” allowing publishers to better manage demand sources and optimize revenue.

Zins said interested publishers should reach out to their client partners or visit the Facebook Audience Network Help Center, adding that while CPM Targets is in the process of being rolled out more broadly, the performance optimization tool is available to all publishers. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.