You May Not See Original Facebook-Exclusive Video Content From Publishers Until August

The reasons for the delay are likely product-related

Facebook’s initiative under which publishers are creating exclusive original video content for the social network continues to move forward, but on a revised timetable, according to reports.

“Multiple sources” told Kurt Wagner and Peter Kafka of Recode that the initial plan was to roll out content in April, and the date was pushed back to mid-June with hopes of showing some of it off at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity, but now, late July or early August is more likely.

Those sources believe the reasons for the delay are product-related, with issues still to be ironed out such as where the content will be housed—on its own page, or on the pages of publishers.

Facebook has been known to delay the debut of major features in the past due to product issues, with video ads representing the most prominent example to date.

Wagner reported in late April that Facebook was offering publishers a monthly sum in exchange for a minimum amount of produced video content every month and, while Facebook Live content could be included, it could not represent more than one-half of that monthly minimum total.

The produced videos must be at least 90 seconds long and Facebook Live videos must last at least six minutes to be included in the pacts, giving Facebook the opportunity to add mid-roll ads, Wagner reported in April, adding that once Facebook collects revenue from those mid-roll ads to cover its payments to publishers, the social network and the publishers would split the remaining ad revenue on a 55 percent to 45 percent basis, with the publishers getting the higher split.

Image courtesy of Aerotoons/iStock. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.