Nielsen Social Content Ratings, Week of May 15: Billboard Music Awards Blast Competition

The NBA playoffs dominated the sports list for the week, snagging the top six spots

The Billboard Music Awards on ABC were heard loud and clear on Facebook and Twitter, spurring 5.346 million interactions across the two social networks, according to the Nielsen Social Content Ratings for the week of May 15.

The awards show accounted for more than five times the interactions across the two social networks sparked by NBC’s The Voice (1.039 million), which, in turn, nearly doubled the total of third-place finisher the 2017 National Basketball Association Draft Lottery on ESPN (520,000).

The NBA playoffs dominated the sports list for the week, snagging the top six spots.

The Boston Celtics were involved in the top four games: a 130-86 blowout loss to the visiting Cleveland Cavaliers in game two of the Eastern Conference Finals (2.796 million impressions); a 111-108 win over the host Cavaliers in game three of that series (2.257 million); a 115-105 win over the visiting Washington Wizards in game seven to close out that conference semifinal series (1.916 million); and a 117-104 loss to visiting Cleveland to open the conference finals (1.884 million).

Image courtesy of Billboard Music Awards Twitter account. David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.