Mobile Devices Driving Longer Holiday Shopping Season

Not only are the deals starting early, but the data indicates that mobile devices and access to high-speed connections are turning holiday shopping into a month-long affair.

During this time of year, a lot of the conversation focuses on Black Friday marketing strategies and executions. But it’s important to pay attention to Cyber Monday as the shopping season kicks off in earnest. In a report from marketing platform HookLogic, it’s clear that mobile is starting to take over Cyber Monday.

According to the report, both the number of people shopping and the number of purchases were up 11 percent this year compared with same-day averages from 2015. Mobile shoppers accounted for 43 percent of total Cyber Monday shoppers, versus 46 percent shopping on desktop and 11 percent shopping on tablet devices. Indeed, mobile shopping has increased in recent years, particularly when it comes to pre-purchase research.


However as much as Cyber Monday is expanding, there’s a broader trend toward a much longer sale period. According to trend data, traffic and conversions in 2015 were highest from Nov. 23 through Dec. 14, and with longer marketing campaigns, 2016 is likely to show similar trends with regard to expanded holiday shopping.

Steve Elson, vice president of retail strategy for HookLogic, suggested that more devices are leading to more shopping:

People shopped over the weekend and then went online at work at lunch on Monday and bought through high-speed connections. With the combination of deals starting even earlier, high broadband penetration and 4G smartphones, we’re really talking about “Cyber Months.”

For more information from HookLogic, including insights from last year and this, visit its holiday hub.

Image on homepage courtesy of Shutterstock.