Kimberlee Morrison

Small Businesses Are Missing the Boat on Social

One of the biggest concerns by small businesses is using digital strategy to drive—and track—in-store sales.

Is Instagram the New LinkedIn for Young Workers?

According to the latest job seeker survey from Jobvite, the American workplace is evolving, and American workers have a diverse and nuanced view of how things are changing.

1 in 3 Internet Users Has Made a Purchase Based on Sponsored Content

Internet users are fed up with poor-quality ads. Make no mistake, most users see branded content as a fact of digital life, but they are tired of intrusive, poorly targeted experiences, so they’re opting out by installing ad blockers. However, according to a survey from Collective Bias, an influencer-based content marketing agency, sponsored content may be an unobtrusive way to reach audiences.

Brands May Think Being Snarky Is Cool, But Consumers Don’t (Report)

While brands like Wendy’s and Denny’s seem to be reaping the benefits from their snarky humor in the form of heightened social media popularity, a report from Sprout Social indicates that consumers aren’t that into it.

Brands: Are You Prepared for a Social Media Security Breach?

Security is an oft-neglected but critical facet of social media. Young users are especially cynical about the protections offered by networks, while the networks do their best to improve security. Brands and advertisers also need to take care to shore up their security infrastructure, especially in light of recent, damaging hacks against big brands.

Consumers Don’t Like and Don’t Trust Digital Advertising (Infographic)

While there are certain things consumers love about digital media, including live streaming, second screen experiences and even interactive, personalized experiences, consumers seems consistently unhappy with digital advertising.

Instagram Dominates Influencer Marketing (Report)

While Instagram will continue to dominate the influencer landscape, some influencers plan to make YouTube their No. 1 platform in 2018.

Colors, Subjects and Styles: Three Visual Trends for Spring and Summer

Image marketplace EyeEm analyzed content from its community of more than 20 million photographers and identified three specific trends for the spring and summer seasons: color, subjects and styles.

Social Media Advertising Spend Was Up 60% Year-Over-Year in Q1 (Report)

With the changes in consumer behavior and so many options for digital media, channels and devices, deciding where to allocate your advertising budget can be a challenge. A first-quarter-2017 report from 4C Insights examines the current state of social marketing, and highlights areas of major growth.

Social Listening Is More Than Vanity Metrics (Report)

Positive results from social listening include receiving product feedback, attracting new customers and improved customer service.