In-App Purchases Are Coming to Facebook Instant Games for Android, Web

The social network made the announcement at its F8 event

An in-app purchase on Blackstorm Labs’ EverWing

In-application purchases are coming to Facebook’s Instant Games platform for Android and starting May 7.

The social network rolled out Instant Games in closed beta in 30 countries in November 2016, and all Messenger users got access last May.

Instant Games is an HTML5 cross-platform gaming experience for Messenger and News Feed on both mobile and the web, enabling people to play games on News Feed and Messenger without downloading additional apps or programs.

Facebook announced the addition of in-app purchases to Instant Games at the Instant Games and the Future of Mobile Gaming session at its F8 annual developer conference in San Jose, Calif., Tuesday, saying that developers can get access to open documentation prior to the opening of the submission process May 7.

Product manager Olivier Bouan wrote in a blog post that the revenue share model for in-app purchases made in web versions of Instant Games will be consistent with its model for games on the Facebook platform: 70 percent to developers, 30 percent to Facebook.

On mobile, Instant Games will follow the in-app billing terms from each platform, and for purchases made in games on Google Play, Facebook said a 30 percent revenue share will apply after the standard mobile platform revenue share, adding, “Our primary goal is to build in-app purchasing in a way so that our developer partners can sustain and grow, and we’ll continue to evaluate revenue share with that goal in mind.”

Facebook added that it is exploring monetization options for in-app purchases on other platforms besides Android and

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