Facebook Video Creators Now Have More Goodies to Play With

High-quality audio, tutorials and even the chance to borrow 360 cameras

Bears are the stars of this 360 video from National Geographic

Creators of Facebook videos can now enjoy more robust audio, a hub for education and resources and even the ability to borrow 360 cameras.

Facebook announced two major updates Friday geared toward video creators: Sound Collection and the 360 Community Page.

Sound Collection, which will begin rolling out Friday, gives creators access to thousands of high-quality audio tracks and sound effects, owned by Facebook, which can be added to their Facebook and Instagram videos.

The social network said in a blog post: “In the Sound Collection, you’ll find tracks from established composers and songwriters and a range of sound effects. Discover a mix of songs, vocals, noises and instrumental tracks spanning genres like hip-hop, pop, jazz, country and more—and new tracks and effects will be added soon. With the collection, we’re also launching easy-to-use discovery tools so that you can learn about different artists, follow the ones you like and browse sounds by genre, mood, length and vocals to find tracks you like for your videos.”

Facebook also announced the launch of the 360 Community Page, with Blend Media, saying that since 360-degree videos launched on the social network in September 2015, more than 1 million have been shared.

The 360 Community Page offers video tutorials, beginning with getting started with 360 cameras, 360 video editing workflows and an introduction to spatial audio, with more to be added “in the coming months.”

The hub for 360 video creators will also inform them about events such as workshops and meet-ups around the world, with Facebook saying that it met with “hundreds” of creators at similar events over the past year.

The social network also explained its Camera Loaner Program: “We’ve heard from the community that one of the biggest challenges in 360 media production is keeping up with the ever-changing 360 camera ecosystem and needing to test-drive cameras before buying them. Through our new Camera Loaner Program, you’ll have the opportunity to borrow cameras directly from Blend Media for upcoming projects and experiments. At launch, we’ll be loaning out the GoPro Fusion and ZCam S1, and we look forward to including more cameras in the coming months.”

Finally, the 360 Community Page features a page of creative tools for editing 360 videos on Facebook, 360 Director, which is now available for both pages and profiles. Features include:

  • The ability to add text, symbols and graphic annotations to videos, marked within space and time.
  • Facebook introduced a Guide feature for pages’ 360 videos in August 2016, and that feature has now been extended to profiles. It allows creators to highlight specific points of interest in the field of view throughout the course of their videos, basically providing a guided tour for viewers.
  • Another feature that had previously been available only for pages—player controls, which were introduced at F8 in April 2016—was also extended to publishers, allowing creators to set the initial direction the video starts in and preview how it will appear on Facebook.
  • A Save Draft for Later option that enables creators to save their guide points, annotations and player customizations so that the next person to work on a video can pick up where the previous creator left off.

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