Facebook, Measurement Partners Get to Work

The social network provided an update on initiatives it is working on with its measurement partners

Facebook provided an update on initiatives it is working on with its measurement partners.

The social network announced in a Newsroom post that it:

  • Is renaming its Metrics FYI channel as Measurement FYI, where updates can be found on metrics, partnerships, products and research.
  • Is introducing a marketing mix modeling portal, where measurement partners will be able to access information directly from Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network.
  • Is expanding third-party verification partnerships with Nielsen and comScore.
  • Is adding viewability measurement for videos on Facebook Audience Network with partners comScore and Integral Ad Science.
  • Completed its integrations of display viewability with comScore, IAS and Moat.
  • Added DoubleVerify as a viewability verification partner.

Highlights from the Newsroom post follow:

People are engaging with ads in more places than ever before, which leaves advertisers with two pressing measurement needs: cross-channel comparability and third-party verification. Today, we’re expanding our current measurement partnerships to further address those needs and increase transparency.

In September, we kicked off our partnerships with marketing mix modeling measurement providers to help advertisers better understand their media mix across channels. Today, we’re introducing the marketing mix modeling portal, where measurement partners can gather information directly from Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network on behalf of their clients. Better quality data in MMM models will support more accurate and actionable insights for advertisers who engage in cross-channel measurement and planning.

Advertisers will now be able to compare which ads–TV, digital and print–are driving their desired outcomes. More than 150 brands are already making marketing decisions based on this information.

We’ve expanded our partnership with Nielsen to enable its Digital Ad Ratings product to measure reach and in-target performance on desktop and mobile across eight additional markets, bringing the total to 25 global markets.

We’re expanding our partnership with comScore, going beyond viewability to include in-target performance for Facebook properties in the U.S. We formed a partnership with comScore in early 2016 to enable viewability verification of our video impressions. While viewability remains an important metric, in-target reach–the metric media plans are built around–is critical for evaluating a campaign’s success. To that end, we’re beginning tests with comScore to evaluate in-target reach for U.S. audiences on desktop and mobile through its validated Campaign Essentials (vCE) product.

We’ll start the integration with DoubleVerify in the coming year, and when completed, it will support both video and display. With the addition of DoubleVerify, we now have 24 global third-party measurement partners available to advertisers, providing much-needed choice and flexibility when it comes to independent, third-party measurement.

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david.cohen@adweek.com David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.