Facebook Announces Several Measurement Products, Integrations

Measure this: Facebook Wednesday announced a host of new products and integrations with its measurement partners.

Measure this: Facebook Wednesday announced a host of new products and integrations with its measurement partners.
The social network announced the following new products or integrations:
Nielsen Catalina Solutions: Nielsen Catalina Solutions will provide consumer-packaged-goods advertisers with ways to understand the impact of Facebook and Instagram on in-store sales.
Oracle Data Cloud Partner Lift API: Oracle Data Cloud became the first partner to integrate with the lift application-programming interface Facebook introduced in March, and this integration will give CPG marketers more accurate measurements of every campaign. The social network added in a Facebook for Business post:

An emerging measurement standard in digital marketing is lift testing. Lift tests look at how likely people are to buy a product if they haven’t seen an ad and how likely people are to buy a product if they have seen an ad. Lift uses a traditional, scientific test versus control methodology. The test group sees an ad, while the control group does not. The difference between the two groups is the lift in sales from the ads. Lift tests can only be performed when both groups have the same characteristics, and this can only be done reliably when the measurement is people-based.

Atlas integration with Visual IQ and Neustar MarketShare: Visual IQ and Neustar MarketShare became the first multitouch attribution providers to integrate with Facebook’s Atlas advertising platform, which, the social network said, will enable marketers to make smarter media investments.
View-through measurement with Facebook’s Mobile Measurement Partners: Mobile application advertisers will be able to assign credit to ads that were viewed by users but never clicked on via the social network’s Mobile Measurement Partners: Apsalar, Adjust, Kochava, AppsFlyer and Localytics.
Marketing mix modeling reporting integration: Facebook said it is making it easier for marketers to add campaign information from Facebook, Instagram and Facebook Audience Network into their marketing mix modeling due to integrations with Nielsen, Neustar MarketShare, Analytics Partners and Marketing Evolution. Facebook added in the Facebook for Business post:

Marketing mix modeling is the preferred measurement system for many of the largest brands in the world. It allows brands to bring together large amounts of historical information from many different publishers and channels to make better marketing decisions about which ads—TV, digital and print—are driving their desired outcomes. This can be challenging to do, especially in today’s mobile-first world.

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