6 Mobile Commerce Strategies to Drive More Holiday Season Sales

There are various effective techniques in which retail stores can successfully deploy mobile in order to increase their m-commerce sales.

For mobile commerce to be effective in driving sales, revenues and profitability in businesses, it should be designed and delivered in such a way that it will engage the customer and drive customer loyalty. There are various effective techniques in which retail stores can successfully deploy mobile in order to increase their m-commerce sales.

For example, mobile apps are very effective sales tools that businesses can leverage and they can easily be deployed in engaging customers and building customer loyalty in a consistent manner with good ROI. If you are running an online store, you could, for example, make use of these apps in order to send reminders and notifications to your customers on the latest deals and sales. These can be particularly effective during the Christmas season when your customers are expecting these deals and are willing to spend on something quickly if they feel it has been sufficiently discounted.

Yet not all mobile apps are the same. Some drive better engagement and customer loyalty more than others. There are certain important features of the mobile commerce solutions that you need to have in order to maximize the experience in this shopping channel and generate the most revenues. These include the following:

Daily Deals Feature

This is an important feature to have if you want to ramp up your m-commerce sales. Customers don’t want to miss out on the best deals so once they have installed your mobile retail up and subscribed to your alerts, you can send them direct notifications on the latest deals and promotions which they can choose to act on. It is one of the most effective sales techniques that will yield good dividends and boost your sales considerably. Offering daily deals will keep your customers coming back and they are also likely to refer their friends and notify them of the latest deals in your store.

QR Code

This is a fun and powerful mCommerce mobile apps customer engagement tool. Customers love scanning QR codes and unlocking the goods hidden in the codes which they can take advantage of in order to purchase items in your eCommerce store.

Location Targeting

Location-aware targeting or geo-targeting is one of the best ways to increase in-store sales from customers with location aware devices. With geo-targeting, it is possible to alert or ping a customer with an app installed on the latest deals, promotions and coupons when they passing by your store. Because the product is just a few meters from the customer, they are very likely to drop by and have a look and this generally leads to very high conversions.

When it comes to m-commerce applications for shopping, you must provide more real estate for the photos and ensure better product displays if you are looking for higher conversions and greater mCommerce sales. For example, offer zooming capability and have multiple views of the products in order to enable buyers to get a complete picture of what they are buying. If people are able to see a product clearly and in various dimensions and multiple views, they are very likely to pull the trigger.

Quick Load Times

Mobile users are even more impatient than web users. They do not want to wait for an eternity for the web pages to load because they have a smaller screen to work with in the first place. Ensure that you implement faster load times by keeping minimal design elements. Always ensure that your pages are able to load relatively quickly. If they cannot, you may need to hire a professional mobile app designer in order to change a few things in the app design.

Have the Full Range of Your Product Selection

If you have decided to go the mobile way, don’t just add a few products in the mobile app because you are either too lazy or just testing the app. If you are going to launch a mobile app for the Christmas holidays shopping season, you have to go full-throttle with your mobile app rollout. Ensure you have added your full product selection so that a customer can find something that they are looking for on the mobile app.

Enable Quick Mobile Checkout

Of course you cannot incorporate mobile app for your retail store without having a checkout option in place. Additionally, make sure that the checkout procedure is as brief as possible and that the buyer has multiple payment options to choose from. It is also important to incorporate price comparison features and product suggestions in order to help you maximize your m-commerce sales with every customer using your app.


M-commerce has continued to increase in popularity and importance over the past few years. During Christmas shopping in 2014, an estimated 40% of online sales were carried out over mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. This year, that rate is expected to increase as the smartphone market and the consumer trends towards mobile shopping continues to see robust growth. Leveraging these features during the peak shopping season will help you score some big wins for your business.

Abhishek Agarwal is CEO and co-founder of MobiCommerce, a platform to transform online eCommerce store into mobile commerce app. Abhishek is an IT graduate from BITS, Pilani and has an experience of more than a decade in serving clients from across the world.

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