Are Snapchat’s Sequential Ads Ready for Primetime?

Snapchat’s program would let brands run back-to-back video ads with different creative in Discover, the application’s content hub. For instance, a brand might run three 10-second ads instead of one 30-second spot.

Why Social Commerce Isn’t Exploding Yet

Shoppers and sellers alike are increasingly wondering whether they should jump aboard the social commerce bandwagon and why they're struggling to figure out just how to do so.

Can Influencer Marketing Impact Sales Growth in the Automobile Industry?

With influencers on board, brands in the automobile industry can directly interact with their audiences and engage them on what the future holds for their favorite car brands.

How Advertisers Can Win With Facebook’s New Mid-Roll Video Ad Format

Facebook recently announced that it would start testing a new mid-roll ad format, which will give video publishers the chance to insert ads into clips after people have watched them for at least 20 seconds, and which poses a challenge for video creators to produce native ads that don’t “interfere” with the user's experience and ultimately turn them off entirely.

Making Live Videos: What Works and What Doesn’t

Live broadcasting has a lot of people on the verge of breaking through, but there’s still time for anyone to be the person that defines what live videos look like for hundreds of millions of people.

Elderly Care Goes Mobile On-Demand

Anyone dealing with an elderly relative knows just how hard it is to find help and monitor progress—a problem most of us will have to face at some point in our lives. Can on-demand technology offer a solution to this sticky problem?

4 Social Media Resolutions for Small Businesses

As 2017 unfolds, small businesses should take a look at what didn’t work in 2016 and find ways to improve in the upcoming year. While you work to control spending and shed some of the holiday pounds, don’t forget about making social media resolutions for your business.

Here’s What to Expect in Social and Content in 2017

As we look ahead into the new year and immerse ourselves in new strategies and creative techniques to build the best content experiences, it’s always an opportune time to break down some of the trends we’re seeing.

How to Slam Dunk Social Media Into Marketing Events

A majority of event marketers utilize social media before and after events, while less than half of them use it during the events themselves.

How to Convert Those Instagram Followers Into Customers

Armed with valuable information regarding Instagram’s audience, you understand what to create for your customers, what time they are most active and content they enjoy in order to finally convert them into customers or brand advocates.