Here Are the 2017 Facebook Awards Winners

These ad campaigns spurred users to act, cry, love, laugh or 'wow'

Which advertising campaigns took home 2017 Facebook Awards? The social network revealed this year’s winners in a blog post Thursday.

Facebook said in its blog post:

Love was the most popular submission category. An impressive 49 percent of all entries were tagged with the Love emotion.

Messenger bots made waves. This was especially true for entries from Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and North America—many of their top-scoring entries incorporated Messenger bots into their campaigns.

Small businesses had a strong turnout. The number of short-listed campaigns by small businesses increased among North America entries. Six of the 23 finalists were small businesses and two were nonprofits.

The Wow category broke new ground. Entries in the Wow category showcased creativity and boundary-pushing on Facebook and Instagram. Many of the entries experimented with real-time communication and engagement.

Descriptions of the new categories Facebook incorporated this year follow, along with the winners:


This is the work that moved us to act—the work that woke us up and made us do something. It inspired action, a change in behavior and had a measurable impact on sales or related metrics.


This is the work that made us cry—the work that got us all emotional, inspired compassion and helped us see things differently. It made us think and connected with audiences through storytelling.


This is the work that made us fall in love with a brand—the work that spoke to us where it counts. It won our hearts and improved brand sentiment and perception.


This is the work that made us laugh—the work that captured our attention, got us to crack a smile and caused serious LOLs. It made us feel good and took humor to another level.

  • “Facebook Not Live,” by Barton F. Graf for Tomcat Rodent Control
  • “Litbaits,” by Dieste for The Wild Detectives
  • “Little Caesars Facebook Surprises,” by Barton F. Graf for Little Caesars
  • “Shoes: Impossible,” by TBWA Korea for ABC-Mart Korea
  • “Spanish Lessons,” by Alma DDB for Netflix


This is the work that wowed us—the work that showed us something we’d never seen before. It made our jaws drop and forged new paths for a brand’s presence on Facebook’s platforms.

  • “#comeonin,” by DDB for Sydney Opera House
  • “InstantDJ,” by BBDO New York for Bacardi
  • “Made in a Minute,” by BBDO New York for Lowe’s
  • “Mr. Robot Season 2 Digital Launch,” by ISL for USA Network
  • “Out of Office Travelogue,” by The Monkeys Ltd. for Qantas David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.