Facebook’s Newest Ad Shows How Groups Are ‘Still Going Strong’ During Covid-19

The Facebook app's More Together campaign continues, with a relatable update

Facebook's campaign continues by showing how groups have adapted to quarantine. Facebook

Facebook continued to put its promotional muscle behind its groups feature with Still Going Strong, the latest spot in its More Together campaign.

Facebook’s Creative X team created the spot in partnership with Wieden + Kennedy London and Portland.

Facebook/Wieden + Kennedy

Groups moved up Facebook’s priority list with CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s declaration that “The future is private. This is the next chapter for our services,” at the company’s F8 2019 developers conference last April, where a redesign of its website and flagship applications was unveiled with groups in a prominent location.

More Together, Facebook’s first major brand campaign, kicked off in May 2019 under chief marketing officer Antonio Lucio, and the company’s first-ever Super Bowl spot, featuring Sylvester Stallone and Chris Rock, was part of it.

The company said in January that 1.4 billion people use groups each month.

The message conveyed by “Still Going Strong” is that despite people being confined to their homes by Covid-19, they continue to embrace their passions.

People in Facebook groups covering topics including camping, cooking, crafts, creativity, dogs, gardening, parenting, rock climbing, skateboarding, surfing, women in technology and yoga are featured in the spot.

Facebook wrote in its description of the video on YouTube, “We might be apart outside, but in Facebook groups, there is still creativity, bravery and kindness. People are still sharing, still caring, still goofing about and still doing their thing, together.”


Client: Facebook
Project name: Still Going Strong
Client contact: Chloe Bower, Kyle Christensen, Gianna Pisano
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