T.L. Stanley

T.L. Stanley is a frequent contributor to Adweek.

Snoop mixes with wrong crowd in airline ad

Air New Zealand’s bug-eyed bush-baby spokescharacter, Rico, really has to go. As some observers have pointed out, bush babies aren’t native to New Zealand—that would account for his lack of […]

How did Richard Branson succeed? Drugs.

The marketing machine keeps rolling for upcoming movie Limitless and its fictional wonderdrug, NZT. Now it's not just Bradley Cooper shilling the pills, either. In the new spot below, Sir […]

Geico’s question ads still weird, still clever

You'd think by now that Geico's "rhetorical questions" campaign would be growing stale, since it debuted more than a year ago. And yeah, actor Mike McGlone as the stone-faced spokesman […]

EA Sports shares life lessons from Iron Mike

We've seen a kinder, gentler Mike Tyson lately as the former heavyweight champ with fists of steel promotes his Animal Planet series about racing pigeons, Taking on Tyson. In fact, […]

Morgan Spurlock branded for movie poster

If babies can get all tatted up with brand logos, why shouldn’t Morgan Spurlock? The renegade filmmaker, who went head to head with McDonald’s in his Oscar-nominated documentary Super Size […]

Kobe Bryant throws up an air ball for airline

Here’s how to stir up controversy with the sizable and vocal Armenian American community in Los Angeles: Get cozy with the Turks. Kobe Bryant, the Lakers star, found this out […]

Could your breasts use a ‘cleavage clamp’?

If there really is a piece of lingerie that will take fat pockets from our bums and place them directly onto our cleavage, then ladies, the line starts behind me. […]

Jimmy Fallon gets own Ben & Jerry’s flavor

Jimmy Fallon killed as an Emmy Awards host and sang a faux-folkie duet with the Boss himself, but how do we know he’s truly arrived? He’s inspired a Ben & […]

Lady Gaga in spooky ad for MAC cosmetics

If Natalie Portman can loll around in the tub with her sunglasses on, shouldn’t Lady Gaga be allowed to have a goldfish swimming in her cocktail? New ads starring these […]

Johnny Depp gets unanimated in ‘Rango’ ad

That adorable Johnny Depp can really sell a movie, right? Well, not so much for The Tourist, but some thought he was the only reason Alice in Wonderland made such […]