Patrick Coffee

Patrick Coffee

Patrick Coffee is a senior editor for Adweek, where he specializes in covering agencies, brands and industry trends. He is editor of Adweek's AgencySpy blog and Industry Bulletin.

Message Management 101: Is Any Event Truly Private?

You may have heard that Mitt Romney ran into a big PR problem this week. More accurately: someone recorded the presidential nominee at a private fund-raiser in May saying things […]

Quotation Approval: PR No-No or Standard Practice?

Media personalities have made a bit of hay this week over the fact that the White House requested and received the right to review and approve of all the quotes […]

Can the Royals Beat the Tabloids Over Topless Shots?

Silvio Berlusconi always struck us as a very classy guy. Pool parties with underage models aside, he seemed like something of a traditional businessman—which is why we are not in […]

What Kind of ‘Dirt’ Does Facebook Have on You?

Is Facebook starting to feel a little like Big Brother? Do you find yourself searching for cameras and other spy implements hidden in your laptop? (If so, you’re getting paranoid. […]

Massive PR Fail: Boy Scouts Hid Reports of Child Abuse

Looks like the Boy Scouts of America has a huge PR headache on its hands thanks to the investigative powers of the Los Angeles Times. While the group remains committed […]

Was Occupy Wall Street a PR Failure?

Today a number of Occupy Wall Street supporters were back in downtown Manhattan planning to surround and block access to the New York Stock Exchange; dozens have already been arrested, […]

SNL Can’t Seem to Make Obama Funny

“Saturday Night Live” started its new season this week, using omnipresent “Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane and musical guest Frank Ocean to boost viewership while showcasing a few new cast […]

Biggest Stories of the Week

Is ‘Brand Journalism’ the New PR? Blooomberg’s Soda Ban Just Happened How Do You Choose the Right Content for Your Brand? The NYPD Has Social Media Rules Too! Dangerous PR: […]

Poll: Media Encouraging Negative Stereotypes of Latinos

Seems like Americans need to get out more: A poll released this week by the National Hispanic Media Coalition and Latino Decisions found that a significant minority of Americans (over […]

How Do You Choose the Right Content for Your Brand?

Earlier this week we reported on the not-so-new phenomenon of “brand journalism”, or writing original content designed to inform readers while simultaneously promoting your brand. The overwhelming response to the […]