Randy Nelson

ESPN Sports Bar & Grill Serves Up Team Spirit

ESPN Sports Bar & Grill is a restaurant management simulation in the vein of Café World, with a strong focus on sports fandom and ESPN integration. Disney Playdom officially launched […]

Dreamland Conjures a Unique Board Game Adventure

Combining elements of role-playing and board games, Dreamland is a stylish Facebook offering from first-time social game developer FreshPlanet. The game officially launched July 8. According to our traffic tracking […]

Camelot: The Game Mixes Swords and Strategy, Strong Despite Show’s Renewal Prospects

Camelot: The Game is a medieval-themed Facebook strategy title developed first by Sarbakan and now by Large Animal Games with publisher 6waves as tie-in for the 2011 Starz fantasy television […]

Social Point’s Flying Dog Gets by on Bare Bones Gameplay

Flying Dog is an arcade style game from Social Empires developer Social Point. Following a $3.4 million round of funding raised by the Barcelona-based studio, the game saw an uptake […]

Pet Tales Makes Caring for Puppies and Kittens a Walk in the Park on Facebook

Developed by Rivet Games, Pet Tales is a combination of pet collecting and world management for Facebook. The game is a visual offspring of FooPets, a previous title from the developer […]

My Country Lets Players Build Nations, Game Builds Impressive User Base

My Country, a nation-building game developed by European social game developer innoWate, is making some waves on our growth charts as 6waves continues its publishing arrangement with the studio. The […]

Pac-Man S Powers Up an Arcade Favorite, Lags Behind Other Pac-Man IP on Facebook

Released concurrently with the original Pac-Man on June 5, this Facebook spin on the classic coin-operated maze game adds score-boosting power-ups to a familiar formula. It is currently Namco Bandai’s […]

Café Life Opens Up Shop in Crowded Restaurant Game Market

Café Life is an older Facebook restaurant simulation that seems to be experiencing a second wind of growth started in late May 2011, despite the genre’s apparent saturation on the […]