Karl Greenberg

IQ Interactive Special Report – Flash Forward

For many advertisers and content creators, Macromedia’s Flash has brought rich media to a narrowband world. If Macromedia Flash were a human rather than a virtual celebrity, it might be […]

IQ News: FileFlow Launches Media Compression Service

Milford, Mass.-based FileFlow, a server-based application service provider for text and image compression, today unveiled final versions of its FastSend and FastStore products, following beta testing by advertising agencies J. […]

IQ News: Closeup – Terminal Velocity

Public Internet terminals bring the Web, and advertisers, to well-traveled places. These days, truck drivers are more wired than ever before. But it’s not just the turbo-charged coffee in their […]

IQ News: Unicast Superstitials To Drive Miller Online Spots

Miller Brewing Company has added Unicast Superstitials to its Miller Lite “Get The Goods” online promotion running since May. A total of eight Superstitial commercials bound for sites such as […]

IQ News: Cool Tool – Radio the Hard-Drive Way

For listeners, ClickRadio offers quality sound and more control over content; for advertisers, it’s a data mine. Those who think Net radio is an online-only audio-streaming experience may want to […]

IQ Interactive Special Report: Follow The Money

Customers flock to giveaway sites, but it’s marketers who have the most to gain. While some dot-com players are scanning the horizon for clouds or lashing themselves to the tiller […]

IQ News: Redband Inks Deal with AltaVista

Redband Broadcasting (www.redband.com), a San Francisco-based provider of Net audio content management and distribution services, today signed an exclusive deal to become search portal AltaVista’s talk-radio content provider. Redband’s content […]

IQ News: Analysis – Golden Age Of Wireless

With the explosion of handheld PCs and wireless phones in the U.S. market, advertisers are hoping to reach consumers anywhere, anytime. In an ideal world, consumers would only receive ads […]

IQ News: ZDTV Taps e-Media for Streaming Media Services

E-Media, a developer of streaming-media networks and technologies for e-businesses, today announced that ZDTV has chosen e-Media to provide bandwidth and streaming services for ZDTV.com. San Francisco-based ZDTV produces and […]

IQ News: Slicing and Dicing

Webbe helps users and advertisers navigate the Web. Web surfers who don’t have enough downloaded geegaws rattling about their desktops and advertisers who want to climb above the hoi polloi […]