Digg’s Facebook App: Competing with Facebook’s Share

Digg’s new Facebook App lets you show the 5 items you’ve most recently Dugg right on your profile. It’s simple, handy, and easy to use. But more interesting is that […]

Digg Launches Facebook Application

The highly popular social media site Digg has launched a Facebook application. The application displays a user’s five most recent articles that they’ve dugg. While the application does not currently […]

What if.. facebook allowed you to pull in your photos from flickr?

I store my photos on flickr. I also store my photos on facebook.. This causes me to have to upload twice, which is obviously a pain. What if.. facebook allowed […]

Be One Of The First To Download Yahoo Messenger For Windows Vista

New version for Yahoo Messenger that will be developed especially for Windows Vista should arrive in a few months and, if you want to be one of the first, who […]

New iPhone Commercials Launched During 60 Minutes (Of All Shows)

Last night, 60 Minutes viewers were in for a surprise. Gadget Lab blogger Mark McClusky remarked that while the tech press salivates, Apple ended up choosing the venerable news magazine […]

Facebook: Open Up "How I Know You"

You go to confirm a friend request on Facebook and suddenly you are presented with a list of options to describe how you know the person. The current options are […]

Verizon Wireless Behind Spielberg Reality TV Show

Verizon Wireless is sponsoring a new reality TV show called “On The Lot,” which allows aspiring filmmakers to show their work. In the show, everyone competes for the top prize: […]

Trip Advisor Helps You Showcase Your World Travels

Have you ever wanted to keep a world map to track all the places you have been? Have you been so many places that all your friends would be impressed? […]

Free Gift Wins the Award for Most Viral App

Zachary Allia of Northeastern University wins the award for having the most viral application idea. Northeastern University is also the home of another popular (now deceased and reincarnated) application of […]

Facebook Moves Closer To Becoming Your Startpage

Thanks to Ankur Shah you can spend even more time on Facebook. Ankur has taken advantage of Google’s search API to allow you to search the web from the comfort […]