Flickr Facebook Application in the Works

In the coming week it looks like a Flickr application is going to be launched for Facebook. While it may not be the one officially developed by Yahoo engineers, it […]

Breaking: Apple Introduces iTunes Plus

This morning, Apple just launched iTunes Plus, their new service that allows consumers to buy unprotected music tracks from the iTunes Store. The upgraded tracks cost $1.29 each, and offer […]

Facebook's Insane Growth Rate

Facebook is growing like wildfire. According to an article released this morning, Facebook has shown a 90% increase in traffic since March! The runner up, Bebo, showed a 6% traffic […]

Facebook Profiles Are Public?

According to Fred Stuzman, “Facebook began exposing profiles to be indexed by Google.” While not completely public they are now accessible to Google. While they should probably have posted something […]

Obama Creates First Campaign Application

Barack Obama’s campaign has launched a Facebook application that: puts the most recent campaign video and news on your profile and in front of your friends. It also enables you […]

Facebook: All Your Resources Belong to Us!

Sam Diaz has highlighted a common occurrence that took place over this past weekend, Facebook applications not responding as expected. None of these sites, not even The Washington Post was […]

I Need Bloggers!

Given that I am intending to make this blog the number one unofficial blog of Facebook, I am in need of more bloggers. Since I am starting this from scratch […]

Amazon to Sell Books and Music on Facebook

One of the partnerships announced at Facebook’s news conference last week was a partnership with Amazon. Currently users can make a list of their favorite books and music. Imagine what […]

Studying Facebook For Social Computing

An interesting article published today in the Wall Street Journal highlights the growth of courses surrounding social media. Obviously, Facebook is one of the primary resources studied when learning about […]

CBS Enters the Widget Business

Business 2.0 blog is reporting that CBS Interactive president Quincy Smith is going widget crazy. He just announced a bunch of partnerships with software vendors that will help spread […]