Facebook launching link sharing platform, embedding video – Digg clone coming?

It’s not just for photos anymore. Facebook wants to become your platform for sharing anything online with your friends. When I woke up this morning I found a major new […]

Talk today at Webster University

I’m in St. Louis today for Webster University’s 2nd annual PR Institute. The focus of this year’s event, attended by corporate communications professionals in the St. Louis area, was understanding […]

PageFlakes 2.0 – Answer to NetVibes

PageFlakes after a long period of silence released second version of today’s one of the most popular startpage. The most visible change of course is the new look of PageFlakes. […]

MochiBot – Flash Content Tracker

MochiBot provides service that is unique and very helpful for Flash developers. This service allows to monitor Flash content and it’s usage and location. To use MochiBot you need to […]

Facebook numbers booming since Feeds launch

When Facebook launched News Feeds and Mini Feeds over a month ago without giving users any advance notice, the user community pitched a fit over privacy concerns. Lost in the […]

Akismet – My Shield Against the Evil Spam

How I promised to one of my best friends I will write an article about Akismet when I will receive 1000 spam comments on my blog. So that day is […]

PlinkMe – Free Photos For Your Website

PlinkMe is a service for bloggers and other web publishers to get a photos and publish them for free.

Threadless – Nude No More

Threadless, I think, is one of most amazing social community right now. It is t-shirt design competition/store with over 300,000 users signed up and new tee shirt designs every week.

Web 2.0 Toolbar

Web 2.0 Toolbar with many features and function that can help you to save your time. Some of the features are picture and video search, bookmarking and news tracking.

Former engineer writes book about working at Facebook

Karel Baloun, a former senior engineer at Facebook from 2005-06, has written a short book on his experience at the company. You can check it out here.