SocialMedia is a new kind of widget ad network

Seth Goldstein and David Henderson have teamed up with one of the leading Facebook application developers and launched SocialMedia: part widget developer, part widget hosting provider/ad network. Along with Lookery, […]

Best Bands Application on Facebook

ReverbNation just hit the nail on the head with their new application. They have made a simple and sleek application that enables band members to place all of their band’s […]

Released uTorrent 1.7 with full Windows Vista support

Finally we can download uTorrent 1.7 version with full Windows Vista support. The new version of my favorite torrent client comes with many bug fixes and new features. I must […]

Another Insanely Viral Application

David Gentzel is one of the top Facebook developers right now. He has launched a number of other applications that each have millions of users. His most recent creation, Happy […]

Modeling Facebook Application Growth with Appaholic

So, you’ve written an awesome Facebook app and you think it’s going to take off. You get five users, submit it to the directory, and because your application works well […]

Google Plans Mobile Search Platform

Google has demonstrated on numerous occasions that they’re serious about mobile, including their recent announcement of a cellphone-based AdSense program. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal reported that Google is developing […]

Lots of Books on Facebook

I’ve checked out countless applications related to books and reviewed a couple. Most of the applications have the same features but one of them has been extremely successful. The iRead […]

Everybody Has a Price

Fred Wilson is commenting this morning on Jim Breyer’s words at Fortune’s iMeme conference last week on unfounded blogosphere rumors of a multi-billion dollar Facebook acquisition. Barron’s quotes Breyer, the […]

Democrats Ahead in 2008 Mobile Campaigning

RCR Wireless News is reporting that Barack Obama, Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Edwards have all added a mobile component to their 2008 campaigns. RCR Wireless columnist Julie Ask posted […]

How Not to Market to the College Generation

In reading through my daily Facebook articles this morning, I came across a CNN article where a reader had the opportunity to ask the Fortune Small Business team a question. […]