IQZone Classifieds Harness Craigslist

IQZone, the mobile classifieds company, now works with popular classified search engines such as craigslist,, and Google Base. We first covered IQZone a few months ago; these latest moves […]

MySpace Announcing New Ad Platform

On the heels of Facebook’s Social Ads announcement tomorrow, MySpace will be announcing announcing a new “hyper-targeted” ad network that, as Vauhini Vara reports, is “a self-service way for users […]

My Grandpa is On Facebook!

Last week an interesting thing occured: I received a friend request from my grandfather. Soon after I received an instant message from my cousin saying “dude grandpa joined facebook.” While […]

Yahoo Joins Forces with Canadian Wireless Carrier

Yahoo and Rogers, Canada’s largest wireless company, have joined forces to expand their broadband alliance to the mobile sector, according to a MediaPost report. “The new pact will continue to […]

Locate Your Friends In Real Time

Where are you, your friends and your favorite hot spots located? Those questions, and others, are answered by Whrrl, a powerful new social network.

Google Prepares the Ultimate Attack on Facebook: Social Advertising

Last week, Google announced the new OpenSocial standard. The new standard, which immediately was dubbed a Facebook killer by many, soon become the subject of many questions after one application […]

Napster Flounders with Subscription Model

The Silicon Alley Insider reports that while Napster stopped the bleeding and is no longer burning through cash, it’s because they’ve given up on advertising their subscription music service. Six […]

It's not just a web site you know

Last week I was approached by a PR firm representing a large UK brand name with some plans to build a Facebook app to promote their products. As a great […]

Moving From MySpace to Facebook? Import MySpace Profile To Facebook With SpaceLift

SpaceLift is a brilliant Facebook application dedicated to import MySpace profile into Facebook. With SpaceLift your migration to Facebook will be less painful because you will actually see all your […]

Large File And Document Sharing, Storage And Backup – Free Trial is one of the hottest file sharing and storage sites online. Why? Because they are innovative and can offer user oriented products that really helps. I’m users four […]