Facebook considering acquisition of “Chinese Facebook” Zhanzuo

TechCrunch has the story tonight of Facebook’s $85 million offer for Zhanzuo.com, the largest college-focused social networking site in China, with over 7 million users. Zhanzuo’s CEO Jack Zhang and […]

Facebook Offers $85 Million for Zhanzuo.com?

The Times Online is reporting that Facebook has offered $85 million for Zhanzuo.com. I had seen a rumor about this a few weeks back but now the Times Online appears […]

Angel Funding for the Mainstream

You always get the latest Web 2.0 happenings on RotorBlog, and today’s a chance for the average Joe to run with their idea – all the way to the bank.

Facebook Faces U.K. Probe

Thanks to a Channel 4 viewer, Facebook is now facing an investigation by a U.K. privacy watchdog. The story of the viewer resembles many others. After using Facebook, the user […]

Cook Up a Storm on Thanksgiving

I don’t know about your family, but Thanksgiving in my neck of the woods is pretty routine. And that’s just the way I like it! Why mess with perfection!

Ze Frank on Social Networks

While it’s not new, I just stumbled upond this social networks video by Ze Frank. Given that it’s the weekend and news is slow, I thought I’d post an entertaining […]

Google Confirms Facebook Violation, No Personal Data Stored

Earlier this week I reported that applications were secretly transferring personal data to Google via their AdWords system and this was a clear violation of Facebook’s terms of service (TOS). […]

Is Microsoft Going to Buy Yahoo?

This isn’t as related to the social web as it is to the web in general but I couldn’t resist a post about it. Henry Blodget is at it again […]

Search for Kyle Fleischmann Recruits 34,000 Members

The Facebook community has unified around locating Kyle Fleischmann, a 24-year old graduate of Elon University, who has been missing since November 9. The group, Help Find Kyle Fleischmann-MISSING, has […]

Chinese Search Engine Announces Mobile Plans

InfoWorld reports that Baidu.com is working with some of China’s leading telephone network operators to ready new mobile search applications for the launch of 3G (third generation mobile network) services […]