Just in from Outer Space

Turning for a moment to the now super-hot realm of satellite radio, the NY Post and a few other places yesterday reported word that Florida Avenue-based XM Satellite Radio and […]

“Inspired by?” Coincidence? Hiaasen lends Maureen a hand, no matter which…

Every reporter has a muse, we know that. And smacking poor Maureen Dowd around (twice in as many days, sorry!) for having one, too, might be considered excessive. Until you […]

The Europeans Are Coming! The Europeans Are Coming!

The Europeans are coming!

Ettore Sottsass: “Architecture for People”

It’s not exactly new, but this blog is and it’s new to me, so I deem it postworthy. Metropolis Magazine has a great interview with Ettore Sottsass. From the interview: […]

Office Supply Valentine

OK, this is slightly off-topic, but I love Ready Made and I’m also mulling over a post about how the whole craft trend is influencing design. So, it fits, damnit. […]

Fun With eBay: Mediaphenalia


Post Meets Heywood Jablome

The Washington City Paper’s talented Erik Wemple has discovered that the Post got taken for a ride as part of its inauguration coverage. In his column this week, which isn’t […]

Color Match

It’s Laura Holder day here at UnBeige. Ms. Holder just sent me this link to ColorMatch 5K. From the site: This utility will help you select a matching 6-color palette […]

Eyes, Ears, Underground

Eyes, Ears, Underground

Round Two: Pat Kingsley vs. Leslee Dart

The kind people sprinkling the dry, flaky fishfood on the surface of our aquarium tell us that the ongoing deathmatch between the certainly uncharitable – and, most likely, also boneheaded […]